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My story after stillbirth

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Midwives are amazing. I lost my beautiful daughter at 34 weeks pregnant last year; it was the toughest experience I had to face along with the long pregnancy that followed. This beautiful woman, Doreen helped me through it so much, that I will eternally be grateful towards her. I still remember how she sat by me and listened to me under the influence of gas and air, sometimes she had tears in her eyes too but she stayed so strong and supportive. One moment I will never forget is when I briefly needed to leave the room and due to the all the medication and mourning it never occurred to me to put my headscarf/hijab on. She kindly took my scarf and wrapped it on for me, that small act will always touch my heart. I have wanted to gift her a drawing since that time over a year ago, but its only recently I managed to find the motivation to draw again.

I spent the last 2 long years with morning sickness, tears and constant hospital visits, but now it finally feels like everything I had ever wished for came true. 
There was a time where I longed for my family to support me in my art, where I longed for a baby, where I longed to be healthy. By the Grace of God all my prayers have been answered and no mater how much I thank God, it will never be enough. 

My daughter is now 5 months old, and with my body starting to heal, I can go back to chasing that dream of mine to become an artist. I know it won't be easy with a baby and voluntary but I am more determined than ever; I know I can do it, and I will.  I thank all of you who have supported me over the years,

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I feel very bad for you :,( and happy that you're getting better now. Great work!:)