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Excuse me if I might stop you for a second there,
if I might interrupt.
The flow of pompous drivel, if you can bear,
to be silent for a second,
But, your mouth is leaking, seeping crap,
spilling your opinions,
your ill-informed opinions, in my lap.

If I could just stop you there,
stop you, right there. For good.
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How did you make this? I'm asking because it doesn't look like any art style or program that I know of. 
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Well it's mixed media so a mix of mediums mostly ink acrylic pencil and some digital painting some photoshop a bit of photography (my own) and possibly some work in Painter I can't quite remember.
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oh my gosh, this is amazing
with the poem as well! really phenominal 
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Very good art m8! 

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fantastic work ! you have amazing style
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 My pleasure.
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Сuckoo! Amazing! )
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Cuz I Am ... I am the Perfect Gentleman! 
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Pleased to hear it!
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Take me down to a higher ground
To survive your mindless sound
If you know all the people
Why are you alone?
If you know all the people
You'll be goin' down ...

"Perfect Gentleman" is the next track.
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A remarkable picture, good sir!

Witty poem, too!

at-home-in-space's avatar
thank-you ... poem just popped into my head pretty much whole ... written in anger when some fool gave my wife his dim witted opinion of artists. It was outside the realms of his tiny mind that people could actually make a living from art and he went on to regale her with his egocentric patronising and quite vicious opinions. So this is all for him :)
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I hope he got your point!

Keep up the bril work, good sir!

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