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And soon She's encapsulated in her nylon sheath.
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This is a little scary and a lot of sexy... I am a nylon girl ji. So how this work? Is magic? They become mindless slave? Like kind of zombies?
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It's Technomancy. Or Techno-magic.

Menagerie is the epicenter and controls everything around her as she chooses.
She has a field of nanites that she creates and controls.

Spectra force is close to finding this out.
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I just saw the pics of Wonder Curia Transformation. Damm Menagerie look like invencible vilain!! She can let helpless any heroine and control her body! In that one she need put... well tha thing in Wonder Curia.. bue now she only need that one of th eonfected subject touch another one?
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Menagerie produces pods that can give her minions to enthrall others.
See the Colleen and Cassidy set.
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I see now mmm I liek this villain and how look he rminions. Good work with her :) And thanks for answer
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There's also some stories.
i miss her face. great costumes but when you have Cassidy as  model keep that face please. a short story with these two would be wonderful to see.
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Thank you<3<3<3
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No surprise there ;)
Awesome work sir, now for menagerie to start on the rest of spectra force ;-)
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