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My board game is up on Kickstarter! Took three years of work to get this far. It has been a sort of therapy work, and a to deal with all that chronic pain my stupid disease gives me. Doing something creative makes me able to ignore it for a while.

Anyway, now we only need a lot of money to actually be able to print the darn thing and manage to ship it. The funniest part of it all is that shipping is the biggest cost for such a project. People ought to live in the same building. Everything would be so much simpler this way.

But enough rambling. Privateers! is a heavily thematic cooperative/team/solo board game of piracy and adventure on the high seas. For one to six players.

It takes place in a strange version of the Caribbean, overrun by monsters, magic, Atlantean relics, aliens, demons and cultists of the Old Gods. Players control privateer captains with ship and crew. They fight each other, or the game with its great fleets and numerous supernatural allies. Captains battle the enemy navies, fight imfamous pirates, explore old ruins, raid settlements, trade and generally have a good time in the port cities of the New World. The better ship, crew and equipment they get, the more powerful they become, but sooner or later they will have to face the best the enemy can muster!

Linkeli Link:…
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A project I have been working on since 2011 is now complete enough to try to finance! It is Privateers!, a cooperative/team/solo board game of piracy and adventure on the high seas. For one to six players.

So far I have painted all the art, designed everything and written the rules. This game project has been a long term dream of mine and I would love if it would be published and played by others. And this time it's even written in English! =)

The Kickstarter starts October 23 at 18:00 o'clock CET.

Please check the preview of the Kickstarter:
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Long time no see.

I have been busy making a roleplaying game the last year, when my body allows it. The main rule book is already finished and in print. Now we are about to make a bunch of supplements for it though, and to be able to do this we need money. Therefore we have started a crowdfunder:

I'm writing this because I really want this to succeed. It would mean a lot to me if it did. It would get us enough money to buy pictures and texts I can't do myself, and also make us able to print it all. Plus it would give me something to do for a year or three. This would also mean a lot to me since I'm retired due to a bunch of chronic diseases (EDS among others) and need a bit of therapy work when my body has some extra energy.

Anyway. The game is called Skuggornas mästare (Master of Shadows). You play an agent, spy, vigilante, ninja or something similar. The setting can be described as James Bond meets XCOM, Narnia and Cthulhu. Add some satire, absurd things, timetravel and conspiracies and you have Skugornas mästare. The game is in Swedish, as is the crowdfunding page.

Those who don't understand Swedish can get something out of it though, by getting merchandise like art books, art and other things. You probably need a translation service to be able to understand what the different perks give (like… ). Copy the perk text from the perk you are interrested and read the slightly strange translation. If you want a perk you just click it and follow the instructions given (IndieGoGo itself is in English).

The first perk is the merchandise perk. You don't need to know Swedish to "use" the gifts you get from it. The perk text says:

Approximately 9 Swedish crowns + addons

Get updated about the project by email. Get merchandise with Skuggornas mästare theme (Master of Shadows theme) as addon. Choose what you want from the list, write it down and total the sum. Add 1 euro and pay the sum you got.

+ €13 Mouse mat
+ €14 Four refrigerator magnets
+ €16 Art on A3
+ €24 Mug
+ €35 T-shirt (This will not be available to non EU citizens)
+ €48 USB-memory, with PDF of every book you buy
+ €60 Artbook
+ €130 Art on canvas

Of course, if you just want to give us something out of the goodness of your heart, and help a struggling artist, I would be just as happy. This is done by clicking the "Contribute Now" button at the end of the page. Next fill in how much you want to give, from 1 euro (slightly more than a US dollar) up to 10000 and click the "Continue" button at "No perk, I just want to contribute". Just follow the instructions after that.

The crowdfunding page (Swedish):
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Since I'm a RPG developer this journal entry will focus on roleplaying games, naturally.

Anyway. The company I make games through/for/whatever is looking for illustrations and illustrators who are willing to send in material for a side project that can't cost a thing. It's an anniversary edition of the old Swedish game Skuggornas mästare, made for fun in a limited print run. The style of the images needed is black and white comic book style á la Mike Mignola. Anyone who knows someone or wishes to give an indie company some pictures could always  contact me. More information can be found here:… (in Swedish)

Speaking of art and roleplaying ... Since I'm retired due to chronic disease I kind of need some help with my hobbies. In this case I need money to be able to hire other artists for the pictures I can't make myself (my body can usually only handle me painting one image or so a month). Thus I have created a crowd funding project, primarily for Swedish and Norwegian people who want to help me give money to other poor artists. My art is given away as thank you gifts. If you live in those parts of Scandinavia and want my art, or just want to help, feel free to donate/buy some art. More information can be found here:… (in Swedish, again)
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Are you able to paint in a style similar to mine? Do you want something to do? Do you want to have your art printed in Swedish roleplay products? Then please continue reading. =)

I have been developing a roleplaying game called En Garde! III together with some supplements a while now. However, I have trouble painting all the pictures needed myself. Thus I could use some help illustrating everything.

Even though the books will be sold in a few Swedish stores I wont make much, if any, money on it - that's how small the market is in Sweden currently. You might consider it a rather costly hobby really. So please don't expect payment. If you are really good, trustworthy and don't require much editing I might be able to pay you a small sum per image, otherwise I will only send you the finished product. Best is if you just want to help strengthen the Swedish rolaplaying market and a small games develpoer, or just want something to do.

The Game itself is a historical game with mythical elements. The period is 1650 to 1750, mostly focused to Europe. More information written in Swedish can be found here:…

It is a nice if you understand Swedish, especially if you want to be able to read the finshed product. It is not required though.
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