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I'm not getting that far on Tumblr, so I'm throwing out a wide net and hoping I'll find some artists who might be interested in taking commissions for Flesh & Blood. Ideally I'd like people who are already reading it, but that's obviously not a requirement. Rates are much high than fandom rates, but not profit-making commercial rates because I won't be selling the images. I plan to use the images for publicizing my work online (which means I'd like you to be prepared to put it on your dA or your Tumblr and collaborate with me about links to my book in the description), and some backers of my Kickstarter will get prints of it. Here's a li
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The Kickstarter for Flesh & Blood (sequel to Under My Skin) is live: check here for more info!
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Hi guys, someone has taken it upon themselves to report my stuff to dA, so in order to make sure I don't accidentally violate any of more their Terms of Service with my offensively pornographic content, I will no longer be linking or posting any of my original fiction here, even the G-rated stuff. If you want it, it's on My Tumblr or My UMS Wordpress , or My Post-UMS Wordpress* PLEASE NOTE THESE LINKS DO NOT LINK TO PORNOGRAPHIC MATERIAL.
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Hello! I'm a fan of your Tomb Raider fics! I was just visiting your Author Page on and noticed that all the links you provide to your tumblr page, kickstarter, your website, and the link to your book all redirect straight back to your author page. I was wondering if you were aware of this?
Hi, no I wasn't. On my edit profile page all the links display correctly. This must be's way of making sure I don't link out - extremely frustrating. I'll make all the links text. Thanks for the heads up. 
Haha. Found it. I just read a couple of the other comments on this page and typed in the other title onto Tumblr and, what do you know, I found it. I love it when that happens. :-D

Ha! Australia. So close to where I live.
I love NZ! Re: Tomb Raider stories, I've written STACKS AND STACKS, not all of them are on (because porn). Look here:…

Hope you enjoy! :)
Hey, I just finished "The Camera Loves You" today (I know it's been up a while but I only just got into Tomb Raider late last year when I saw my flat-mates at uni playing it, please don't shoot me) and I'm looking for the sequel. I initially found the sequel a few weeks ago before I started reading but I wanted to read the first part first but I can't find it. Can't you please help me out?
Happy Birthday!!!!! happy b-day to my e-twin