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Super Mario Bros The Movie Logo

By AsylusGoji91
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Here's the logo for my long featured sprite movie, that based on the anime movie Super Mario Bros The Great Mission To Save Princess.

The Live Action movie of Super Mario Bros sucks, so I've decided to make a new movie with elements of Super Mario Bros., Kingdom Hearts and One Piece. :D

See ya!

Super Mario Bros (c) Nintendo
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are you actually making this movie? or not anymore?
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Will you do a logo for SMB the Wrath of Tyratus?
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Because you do a logo for every project you make,so why not?
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what's "One Piece"? 
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Brinks back bad memories
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Well, to each his own. I actually liked the Super Mario Bros. It at least had its own charm about it, even if it wasn't true to the game on which it is based.
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Super Epmazing this remake series of yours will be much better than this one i don't watch it often and i find that unfitting to the franchise. And this is just like you are fixing the plots of super mario adventures that i just find it similar.
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Amazing idé :D
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COOL one piece^^
and the logo is cool

and its have luffy and his crew?with the mario brother and kingdom hearts!
is so cool^^
good luck ;)
( i want to help you but i suck and im not good for animation im not for this but you are for the animation) so good luck!!!
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Thanks! :D And sorry, only Mario Characters are there.
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Awesome idea, I can't wait for it :D
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