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pinup girl

about 3 hrs. done on a BIG Vida Guerra fan. this was his 4th vida tattoo (that's pretty creepy if you ask me!).

check out all my work at [link]
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Aug 17, 2008, 4:13:06 PM
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your good man.. your very good :) and i called who it was way before i read your caption... props ;)
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thanks a lot. glad you like my work!
Nice work! i'm starting a tattoo page of all pin-up's, looking for good work. would you be interested if i posted this one? i would put your name, the shop where you work. and a link to your deviantart so people can come look at your other work as well. i'll give you a link to the group so you can see for yourself. all credit will go to you of course. let me know if i have your permission id really appreciate it.
that looks kind alike a cross between angelina jolie and penelope cruz to me.
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its actually Vida Guerra - pinup girl and model
ah ok. well, meant it as a compliment.
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i know you were complimenting my work. thanks. i was just letting you know in case you didnt know who she was.
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Pretty cool tat but 4 is too many if you ask me.

I'd just stick with one.
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Beautifully done! Really like the highlights on the hips!

I have no idea who Vida is (I'm guessing a porn star?) whomever she is, I suppose that is pretty creepy, not just to get a portrait style tattoo done of someone you don't know personally, but to do it 4 times! Obssess much?! LOL
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she's some girl who got famous after being discovered my Maxim or FHM, and being considered to have the finest roundest butt in...the country, or world...who gives a crap. the guy walks around with her magazine (yes, she has her own quarterly magazine you can get in stores). can we say "Stalker"???
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He walks around with the magazine? LOL That's too much. I wonder if he's ever met the chic and shown her his tattoos, I think she might totally be creeped out by that! LOL I think alot of celebs would be creeped out by all the weird people getting their faces tattooed on them. I'll never quite understand that! LOL :)
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he claimed that they know eachother personally. when i asked how, he said, "she personally autographed a picture of herself to me with my name and everything". i told him, "dude, she signs about 300-500 of those things a MONTH for people!!! that's a huge mart of their $$$ revenue". he agreed that that i was right, but there was something personal about how she signed his and he was sure that she remembers him. im NOT making this shit up!!!
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Wow, she personally wrote his name on the pic and must be love! LOL I get the heebee-jeebies just thinking about it! LOL I could just see some customer getting obsessed like that over their tattooist too, so how many stalkers do you have, I mean, besides me of course! ;) LOL
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you can be my stalker ANY day, sweetie!!!! i wish i had some stalkers. it might make my life a little more exciting at work. id love to get dirty pix sent to me, love letters with vows of murder and sacrifice, with signatures signed in blood!!! kidding...except for the dirty pix. haha
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LOL You're too cute I can't stand it! ;)
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