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dragon backpiece WIP 2

Another 5 hrs done the other day

11 - 12 hrs total now

check out all my work at [link]
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10/400 second
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6 mm
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Oct 5, 2009, 4:13:01 PM
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Your tattoo is AWESOME and a really good choice! Thanks for sharing it with us!
Yesterday I startet with my first tattoo! It's also an dragon on my back! Not huge as yours! The session took 4hours, and it hurts!
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love the details man! awesome!!
eventhough it is not even close to being finished, this is ALREADY a masterpiece!!
Just staring at this piece makes me stress! how do you go from sketch/design to tattoo??!! especially a design that is fully covering someone's back? seriously awe-striking amazing!!! the contrast between darks and lights is perfect!! beautiful composition and flow... (basically what im saying is: WOW!)
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damn nice..i'm sure the scales took you most of the time :D
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Thank you for the club submission! -Skye
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This dragon tattoo looks badass! =D Such amazing details you put to this one and so flawless also. :heart:


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i can't wait to see it when is finished :D very nice,a lot of work..
crescentindigomoon's avatar
lol so overdone
but good shading andy!
the lower left of his back looks soooo veiny o_O
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great work! looks amazing until now!
Godaime-Hokage's avatar
WOW i love dragons and big tattoo
so beautiful :heart:

good work!!
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one of your best pieces so far.. be nice to see that healed.. then be even nicer to see the finished piece all healed up
woah ! awesome :O shadings very nice i'm jus getting the hang of how to shade with tattoo machine :D hope ik can get it as good as this !

awesome job
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Gah I'd love to have a tattoo made by you...
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thank you very much! id love to tattoo you someday!!
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superb gryewash the dragon itself is vivid :#1:

more power
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Thats amazing where do you work?
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glad you like my work so much. im in San Diego, California.
Looks to be another great work. Love it
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When you do a peice that big do you gray line everything,the whole stencile,or do you do it sections?
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this particular tattoo that required solid lines, i drew the whole thing first with markes right on his back, then i did outline the whole thing and then do faint gey lines for the other stuff that didnt require solid lines. other tattoos that dont require outlines, ill just tattoo sections at a time to completion, then move on to a new section.
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Sweet,I was wondering how you work such a big peice.Very nice,and thanx for the reply.Seems most tattoo people won't give you the time of day.:woohoo:
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