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colorful calla lilies tattoo

After about 9 months, i've finally finished this project. it's intentionally over-colorful - a nice change from the realistic that im always trying to achieve with floral work.
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This is my dream, but bor white callas and rather crossing from left down to right top of my back I wish I could affort to make this dream come true.
When I was born my mother got an amazing bounch of calla flowers, she thought this is a bad sign. It was just a sign that I will love this flowers, I will grow them in my garden, paint or knit them on my dresses, and my only photos that were taken for an exhibition of a photographic team was the photos of calla flowers i gave just by accident.
However this is a magnificent job
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thanks you very much. i love you vision of the calla lilies and your ideas. its too bad you are so far away b/c it would be wonderful to put your vision to life and tattoo it on you.
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beautiful work. this piece is amazing and the color is so vibrant :)
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thanks. i usually try to do things more realistic, but that time i wanted to try more of a funky color idea with broad watercolor kinda strokes and color that one wouldnt normally use much of.
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How long does a tattoo like this take; I know it's broken up into parts. :) I'm just curious about the time line. I'd like something like this, but I think I wouldn't have enough patience/pain tolerance to finish it all lol
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i work very fast. this whole tattoo only took about 3 sessions of about 2-2 1/2 hrs each. thats not so bad at all considering the size. but every artist is different. some are fast, some slow. some gentle - like me, and some are diggers. ouch!!!
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amazing. i love the colors.
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thanks. i love the colors too. i wanted to do something a little different and do some overly colorful, trippy flowers.
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awesome tattoo
Really nice, i love it too
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That's amazing :D I love it.
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glad you like!
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