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February 13, 2009
Elephant by *asuss06 WIP, multiple sessions, touch ups, all a mainstay of larger tattoo projects. This example is impressive both in scale and subject.
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i normally no longer put up WIP's anymore b/c i think it jinxes me, but i had to show this one. i think its coming out pretty cool!
Under 5 hours.

the final piece can be viewed here...[link]

check out all my work at [link]
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1558x2100px 2.25 MB
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10/400 second
Focal Length
6 mm
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Date Taken
Jan 17, 2009, 7:18:37 PM
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Amazing elephant!
Looks heaps good! Did you do this?
asussman's avatar
yes, i did the tattoo. thanks a lot & glad you like it.
That's awesome, where is your tattoo studio? by any chance near sydney?
asussman's avatar
no sorry its not. i wish it was! im in San diego, CA U.S.A.
the elephant is my proudest piece i think ive ever done.
thats unfortunate! would have definitely booked a tattoo if you were near Sydney... And yeah id be heaps proud to do something half as good
WontDieACopy71's avatar
Beautiful! Oh my goodness. Elephants are my favorite animal and I would undoubtedly get this tattoo. Gorgeous work.
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thanks. glad you like it. hopefully you saw the finished tattoo as well. id LOVE to do a new big elephant tattoo on you! you need to come on out for your own elephant!!!!!
WontDieACopy71's avatar
I did see it and it looked amazing! I would love to get an elephant tattoo! Where are you??
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I'm in San Diego. where are you? i do occasional conventions out of state. that elephant tattoo was probably my greatest triumph in my 20+ yrs of tattooing.
WontDieACopy71's avatar
San Diego? Gahhh. Too far away :/ I'm in Georgia, dude. And, I believe it. It's definitely a piece of art.
asussman's avatar
thanks a lot. glad you like it. that tattoo is my pride n joy of my entire far.
vBlackDevilv's avatar
is wonderful. How much you do longer tattoo?
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hi. thank you so much for liking my work. were you asking how much time this tattoo took, or how much money it cost? ive been tattooing for 20 years.
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So how much does it cost? And how long? I ask because I just started with a tattoo :)
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i charge $250 for the first hour and $100 each hour after that, each session. that elephant took about 9 hours done in 2 sessions.
vBlackDevilv's avatar
Wow, I'm impressed :O
asussman's avatar
thanks a lot. glad you like it.
AMAZING. you are lucky to have this on you.
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this is my tattoo work that i did on someone else. but thank you very much. glad you like it so much.
Oh well in that case, they are lucky haha! You've got some great skills. I dont have any tattoos myself, but i certainly enjoy excellent art such as this. This would be impressive with pencil and paper. The fact it's on someones skin is just incredible.
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