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Ori and the Blind Forest

I am finally downloading the stunningly beautiful game "Ori and the Blind Forest" right now which got released today. Good day to share my fanart for it here, which won me the second place in the official contest and a Steam code of the game. #^^#

Here's a making of GIF!
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Ori look cute as a baby

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WOW. This just brought a smile to my face. This really reminds me of the animation style of Don Bluth and classic Disney. Thanks so much for sharing this with us.
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Simply astonishing!
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I just realized. About half the songs in my playlist are Ori-related
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Ori's SO adorable! 
Yelowspoon's avatar’s beautiful, i like the atmosphere
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This is my new cellphone wallpaper :D fits perfectly!!
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These two were a great pair together ^^
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An absolutely stunning piece for an equally gorgeous game.
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This is amazing, looks just like the art from the game. Well done
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Wonderfully drawn:) I think the background is especially astonishing:o
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I love this so much!!! You really captured the essence of Ori!! You make us proud! :D
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Soo beautiful the focus on the chars and soft colouring. Just gorgeous.
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Your fanart was an inspiration for my Ori watercolor painting.
Incredible artwork!
It now hanging on my wall and inspires me for the future paintings,every time i look at it!
thank youLove 
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Incredible artwork! You get a watcher! <3
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You deserved first place in my book. I'd have liked to see this after completing that beautiful game. You truly capture its wonder, mystery, and emotion in this wondrous painting. It's gorgeous.
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I could look at this picture all day.
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This is special. Well, I need an ori plushi :DD
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This gives me ideA xD
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The big one reminds me of No-Face from Spirited Away.
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