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is it doing it automatically?

awesome picture!!

also is that bowser on the right?

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Thank you! It is not Bowser, but the mascott of the site that organized the challenge. Now you say it they quite look similar ;)

What do you mean by "is it doing it automatically"? The tattos?

yes, is the truck automatically tattooing the customers?

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First, I totally dig the 80s vibes here. They’re rad! They’re happenin’! They’re THE KIND! (My dad said that was a thing, back in the day, although I might be goin’ farther back than the 80s.) You know, on second thought, I really don’t like it that much. PSYCH! (OK, I think it’s outta my system now.) Really though… The idea of a tattoo truck is pretty cool, and the truck you chose is pretty cool, too. The futuristic punk rockers and anime/punk people milling about are awesome too. If the future really DID look like this (instead of the dystopian zombie flick I feel like is around the corner), I would be SO happy! I see now it’s cyberpunk - I should have noticed that sooner! Anyway, my favorite details here are the different designs I see on the people - the styling for them is epic, and, of course, the idea of a tattoo truck. Even the color scheme is very much a vibe! I would love to see this become the first of a series though… The tattoo truck is intriguing to me and I’d like more close up shots of it! So let me know if you decide to play around with the concept some more.

Thanks for making this fantastic artwork - you have skills!

This critique brought to you by The Jolly Old Roger, Merry Critmas!

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Thnak you so much for you very descibed comment, that means a lot! I'm glad to read that you like the overall 80ies style. ;) I took pleasure to give the painting this vibe. ^^ I painted this for a french challenge in official partnership with CD Projekt. I made 2 others but they don't have the same 80ies vibe though!

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That's awesome! :D I'd like to see those ones too (even if they AREN'T 80s haha)! :D

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Woran this looks really cool!
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Youre very welcome :)

I want to try It!!!!

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Haha maybe one day!

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