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February 6, 2021
Ban CAPTCHAs! by Asur-Misoa
Featured by Moonbeam13
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The robots of Night City slave away all day in the service of humans. They claim the right to access the Net and enjoy the same means of relaxation and development as the organics!
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When you upgrade your freedom maximizer matrix but forget to upgrade your text recognizer too

Seeing this now when cloudflare is trying to stop CAPTCHAs make me a little nervous

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The irony is it’s security AIs that make the Captchas in the first place.
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Really creative concept! I also hate them. :shakefist:

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That's so pretty and SO funny! Well done!

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wow this is amazing it kinda reminds me of caiman from doro he doro

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wowww you're so talented, loving the cyberpunk vibes too!

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Very very cool concept. Congratulations for the creativity and for how beautifully it was rendered and brought to life!

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Cool concept, nice artwork.

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Whats that? :thinking:

AMAZING picture btw! It’s absolutely stunning!

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I am glad to read that ;)

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a captcha is a question asked by websites to confirm if you are a human or a robot. Ever been asked to write some letters from a picture or something similar?

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Lmao that’s funny

munchtheekid's avatar

I love the attention to detail!

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