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I have low cost prints, magnets, postcards, and digital texture packs. I will still be occassionally adding free stock here, but I'm dirt poor right now and need to make some money.
So check out the awesome high res textures and image packs I have for sale! (includuing grunge borders, abstract grunge, victorian photo borders, retro ads, etc)

I'll also be adding handmade art jewelery tonight. Necklaces, brooches and rings! Check it out and support! :)
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YES! Finally an update. I made a bunch of new textures for your enjoyment :)


These textures are for personal NON-COMMERCIAL use only, unless my permission is granted. IF YOU USE any of my stock, you MUST CREDIT ME and link to either my stock page or my art account :iconasunderstock: :iconasunder:. You also must either leave me a comment or note with the link to the image!
I uploaded 3 new brush sets today, and am planning on uploading more. I still have a lot of photos to upload as well.

My main account:
I've been really behind with my stock account. I still have a lot of pictures of the condemned house to upload, some more textures, and maybe more brushes too (been thinking of making more lately). I should start putting them up sometime in the next few days!
so I went out to this abandoned decrepit crazy ass creepy house and took a bunch of pictures.. it was full of dirt, peeling paint, peeling wallpaper, rotting wood, boards, old toys, windows, broken glass, old stove and kitchen, nasty stuff, etc..

I'll have the pictures up sometime soon :) got some really great stuff!
Main Account: :iconasunder:

I decided I wanted to put up a stock account, so here it is.. I guess it'll have mostly textures and brushes and such.. a few photos.. hopefully everyone gets good use of them..

Here are the rules: NO COMMERCIAL USE unless you contact me and I give you permission. This includes DA Prints. The reason is, I don't want someone uploading a print if one of my images is the main focus of that work. I might as well be selling my stock!

If you use any of my stock, credit me in the description! Also note me or put a link up on my page.