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Grunge Grit 2 - Borders

grunge grit brushes, second set, mostly borders.

"Here are the rules: NO COMMERCIAL USE unless you contact me and I give you permission. This includes DA Prints. The reason is, I don't want someone uploading a print if one of my images is the main focus of that work. I might as well be selling my stock!

If you use any of my stock, credit me in the description! Also note me or put a link up on my page.

© 2006 - 2022 AsunderStock
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Beauty...As Far As The Eye Can See by Deena-Lee-Sauve Used Here!! Thx Very Much!
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Will be used here if the Homepage goes back online. Its an non-commercial Homepage.  Thank you.
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Hi... I'm new in this place.
How I can to download this brushes?... what are the steps to follow???  Thankyou.
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These brushes are done very well, very useful.
Thank you.
Nadyanilo's avatar
Thank you! I always end up using these to border most of my works XD

Here is the latest! [link]
PumpkinPhotography's avatar

I have used this over here: [link]
Thank you for providing me with youre resources!

NanaFay's avatar
Thank you so much for this! I used the brushes for one of my drawings :3 It was only used lightly, but here's the link if you want to check it out! [link]. I also made sure to credit you in the description (n_n )
glomdi's avatar
Sweet brushes! I used them here.
HeatherPennington12's avatar
I love the rules, if I ever use it I will definitely let you know.
PumpkinPhotography's avatar

I have used it here: [link]
And here: [link]

Thank you for the great set!
avenoctiis's avatar
I have used your brushes in my photomanip:
UnSilly's avatar
i most defitnitly will use this :D
Hinovirus's avatar
Hello ! I move my old account to a new one, and there is the new link of the work Don't want to come back.
Thanks !
Sweetheart-Samantha's avatar
thank you for sharing these.
txmarine's avatar
Been looking for these..thank you thank you.
txmarine's avatar
Love your work...look forward to using some....thanks for your generosity and talent.
EDR-Emz's avatar
Lovely border set, have used the brushes in my banner here [link]
Aeroman13's avatar
Thanks, and great job!
anyamet04's avatar
will use it later along thank you in advance
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