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The Gift

This piece is in Breed Art's [link] latest release #22. IT'S FINALLY RELEASED! GO CHECK OUT MY OTHER 14 PIECES AND EVERYONE ELSES! [link] I am actually VERY pleased with this piece! and I was actually inspired. I was inspired by the soundtrack to American McGee's Alice! and I heard it thanks to ! when I update my personal site I should have a little walkthrough of this piece on it
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LizzieLupine's avatar
Fabulous lights and shadows.Oh,and, I am the thing in that box.
p-a-n-d-o-r-a's avatar
When I first saw this on someones favorite list, I imediately thought, "Pandoras Box". But the man in the top hat really takes away from that thought.
Anyway, it has a very macabre feel(of course) and a certain hopelessness to it; its sort of painful to look at(because of the feeling, not the quality of the art!).
Its a very interesting and thought-provoking piece, and very much worth a :fav+:.
p-a-n-d-o-r-a's avatar
woot for bad icon codeness.... :+fav: *
evil-eyes's avatar
Oh. So nice .. I really like this pic :D
evil-eyes's avatar
Oh. So nice .. I really like this pic :D
ismdof's avatar
Another really good piece but I think it would look better if all the little 'men' at the bottom either had the sharp teeth or no teeth at all.
plain-sight-vision's avatar
this is increadible. ive done a few thing similar to ure style. never as good, but i've always been to scared to submit it. but now seeing your art i might start adding it. :worship:
i sound like a stalker :paranoid:
eNJay's avatar
Very scary.......but i love it :+fav:
oddfish's avatar
that is just sweet. that's all i can say..

oh, and one more thing.. :+fav:
mariko1's avatar
creepy! I love it
cyber-crash's avatar
Incredible! It's... It's... Just incredible!
negative1219's avatar
I often derive inspiration from that very same soundtrack, it's great for setting an innocent/underlying madness type of mood for art, much like the books themselves (Lewis Caroll, we salute you) glad to see some great artwork from a common influence, keep it up!
angryscientist's avatar
Amazing, dark, beautiful.. One of the best things I've seen in DA!
ladyo's avatar
I really like the length in this....and it seems to create so many emotional layers....wonderfully intricate..
akokskis's avatar
wow thats awesome.... so well done.. incredible....
empan's avatar
That´s..... WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! Jawdrop hehe I´v got no words..... Just wonderful Eyepopping
Oh and by the way thanx för the comment on my litle tiger Kabutu. w00t!
jadedyouth's avatar
i dont think they wanna know what's in the box.. Amazing. trully amazing..

the old guy reminds me of my grandpa ..o.o creepy
jool's avatar
Hmmm... Pandora's box maybe? This is really quite breathtaking. I love the shading work. This is definitely going into my favourites. It intrigues me... I'm often fascinated by death and frightening things lately. Maybe because I'm losing someone... or not. Sorry, I'm rambling. Keep up the good work :) (Smile) +fav
AlexandreLancaster's avatar
Beautiful, scary and expressionist. Excellent.
n05feratu's avatar
I'm spechless.. +fav
drownedinflames's avatar
Simply don't know what to say except I want this on my wall...and a HUGE version of it...+ fav
xyroxthen's avatar
Pandora's Box? *grin* I love it. Dark and brooding, its perfect.
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