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Now you can see live painting here:
Hi there! My name is Maria Berseneva, or just Asunaro (in japanese word "asunaro" means cypress, but it has no relation to me, I just like the way it sounds).

I live in Russia and learn how to draw by my self during 5 years. I am psychologist , but don't really like this vocation... In the future I want to study art, that is my dream. Of course I know that there are lot of things I still have to train, I like to regard works made by professional artists, to read their lessons and analyse them, because everytime while doing it, I learn something new!

In short, I like to draw an do it a lot. I use Photoshop and Corel Painter with Wacom Intuos 4 to make my arts ;) I spend about 20-30 hours from sketch to final result and it's like a little win when I finished every new artwork. In past, drawing was my hobby, but now it's my job, I make layout designs and illustration sets (for embroidery collections).

At my free time I play World Of Warcraft, it's a greatest game I ever playd, It gives me a lot of inspiration and relax. Also, I like to cook and bicycle walking.

Thank you for spending your time here and watching my gallery! I really hope that you will come back here again! ^__^

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