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WoW Guild by Asunaro WoW Guild by Asunaro
This is a banner about our WoW guild in vitrage style. The guild calls "Cognitive Dissonance" (the bottom words).
There is a few moments of our game-life:
First, you can see a one-half of crab at left and right sides. When picture duplicates to the left or to the right, the crab becomes full =)
Second, on the left side of bottom you can see story about joining the guild. If someone wants to join us, he must to go to Razorfen Downs in some fun gear an he must die, when Tuten'Kash becomes 17% hp. This guild-quest just for fun and was completed by all of our members from Guild Master to newbies.
At the left side of top there is a story about one of our fun-event, calls "Metrosexuals". All of male characters was dressed by womans clothes and bunny-ears than focused one random target, which founds at Orgrimmar. Our guys /kiss, /flirt, /shy, etc. and says a lot of flirty things to random targets, they was confused and asked "what happend?" O___o They said "Burn in fire, gays!" and cast rain of fire... Our guys said "Wanna touch my staff?", "Come to my bubble, baby"... Ah, thats was so fun!
At the right of top, there is a plot of our guild invite. When we applied an application, we all comes to Nagrand and invite new member to the guild.
At the right side of bottom there are symbols of end-game content from BC to Cata. Because we like raiding.
Well, at center part there is all of hord races and blood elves at the center, because it is GM with his wife (me :P)
And the little things: we have dark phoenix like guild-achievement and one Ashes of Al'ar. And eggplant with gherkin hints know ;)
Kyomaru Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ого, здорово получилось. Ты ничем не уступаешь тому автору, что ты показывала. Очень круто. )
Asunaro Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Спасибо *_* Это я вдохновилась, таа...
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July 29, 2011
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