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The Keeper pt1

      “Come on, it'll be fun!” The princess tugs on your hand.
      “A ball is no place for me Vivi, now be still, I have to measure your head.” You smile, taking the measurement, ignoring her pout.
      “It's a masquerade, you'll have fun I promise… And… I want you there with me ___, you're my best friend.” She murmurs softly, looking down crestfallen. You pause, looking at her face before sighing.
      “I'll need a new dress… And a mask…” You peer toward your room. Vivi lights up at that.
       “I can help with that! So please come!” She smiles brightly.
       “Alright fine…” You frown uneasily. What if they saw through the disguised. The looks that the vi
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 68 10
Not Plain~ Law x Reader *OneShot*

         Okay, this time you would get him to come over. You lean out your window, setting the sushi dish in the shade. "Come here handsome kitty." You murmur. The black cat's ear swivels toward you, but he doesn't look over. "Come on now, I got you sushi." You smile lightly. He looks over with grumpy silver eyes at that. His gaze goes to the plate and he stands, stretching slightly before stalking over from the neighboring roof, stepping onto the ledge where you had placed the plate. "Finally..." You murmur as he settles in to eat. This was good enough for you and you sit back down at your desk to finish your homework. This cat has been hanging about your neighbor's house for a while now, you didn't talk to your neighbor, but you loved cats. You hum lightly, pausing as the black shape eases onto your desk. You peer at him as he peers around the room. "Already done?" You huff in surprise, leaning out to collect to the plate.
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 167 13
Dark Moon pt3~ Decision

         The axe blade cut through the the ogre's cheek with alarming ease. You roll into the landing, jumping to your feet as the ogre roars out, and turns it's attention on you. Body feeling numb you pivot out of the way as it slams it's hand down in on attempt to flatten you. Kid takes that moment to stab his sword through the ogre's hand, pinning it to the ground.     
            Kid's eyes meet yours, "Hurry!" He urges and you blink, rushing up the ogre's arm as it attempts to take its hand back. A green light in the middle of it's forehead catches your eyes just as you kick off it's arm to hack through its neck. 
            'No! Strike the forehead!' A voice orders you. Swiftly adjusting your grip, you hack at the green light, making green rays of light burst out, knocking you back. You lose your grip on the axe and your back hits the grou
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 101 16
Wild pt7~ Kid x Reader

     Your pupils were huge, rugged purr escaping you as you rolled around in the plant. Kid and Killer stood by with tilted heads. "Uh... ___?"
     "Flying bananadiles..." You purr rolling around some more.
     "What....??" Kid looks to Killer in hopes that the blond knew what was going on.
     "Maybe that's catnip she's rolling in?" Killer suggests, leaning down and picking you up. You swat and nip at his mask, purring louder. He chuckles lowly, putting a hand on your face. You grip his wrist, nibbling his fingers. Kid smiles a bit, stepping closer and touching your cheek. You blink and look at him, licking at his hand before jumping into his arms from Killer's, mewing and purring utter nonsense as you cuddle him.
     "She's on something, that's for sure." Kid chuckles in amusement. "You guys go ahead, I don't want to take her into town while she's like this." He adds.
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 158 25
Levi x Reader I am all yours - Part 8
Sorry for the delay in this update, I have been so busy! Please be aware that this chapter gets very dark so if you even think that you might not like this chapter please do not read it!!!! I have put a warning symbol on where it starts to get nasty so you can read to a certain point. As always please fav and comment as I love reading your opinions and thoughts. Much Love to you all and I hope you enjoy! Lu xx
Part 8
Your hands shake as you strip wash and change your shirt into your favourite dark green one, this new Levi was a force to contend with, he scared you before, but that was nothing to the way he was now. He crushed every wall that you had put up and decimated anything that you could use to defend against him in one simple move. Your fingers touch your lips, where his had been, it almost felt like it hadn't happened and more like a teenage daydream. Your heart flutters as you think back to how he had been and you cant stop yourself from blushing again.
It was not how you were
:iconshanlulu:Shanlulu 44 24
Private Detective Levi x Reader (AU) Part 31 (End)
(( Contains Swearing ))

In the throes of a terrifyingly fast moment, things became... as if in slow motion.
First, the sound was deafening. It immediately blew Levi’s hearing out, leaving only muffled silence and a high-pitched whine in its place.
The debris would come next.
The detective ignored the rush of increasing heat scorching his skin, and threw himself over the girl - at once shielding her body with his own. He had a bulletproof vest, his vital organs would be protected.
The sudden force of his weight on the table proved to be too much of an impact though, and the structure began to gradually tip. Good, the metal would protect them both, if it fell to the right side.
He felt small shards hitting his scorched limbs, penetrating his clothing. His adrenaline was numbing the pain. Didn’t mean that he was immune though.
Something hit his head. Something small and fast - Like a bullet. It didn't bounce. It h
:icono8-toodles-8o:O8-Toodles-8O 45 23
Joker x Male!Reader
                                     Joker x Male!Reader
         You worked at the Phantomhive estate for some time now, you use to be part of a circus that would beat you if you didn't do something right, and sometimes they'd beat you for no reason, you escaped and ended up at the Phantomhive estate.
         Unlike the other servants you and Sebastian were the only ones that could do your jobs correctly.
         One day when Ciel was going to check out the Noah's Ark Circus and try to be in it he took you with him, you knew everyone there because when you use to be in the circus both of the circuses deiced to preform together since they were preforming in the same place.
         You and Joker spent some time together and you fell for him, it'd be nice to see him again.
:iconk-chann:K-chann 133 5
His Weakness, His Songbird (SlendyxF!Mute!Reader)
Everyone has a weakness.
Even he did, although he didn't like to admit it. He didn't want to have something that could be used against him.
Despite this, he kept watch from afar. A certain (h/c)-haired, (e/c)-eyed girl. He found it absurd that a human would be his downfall, one of the creatures he killed for fun. But it was.
You were his weakness.
He often recalled how he first met you. He'd been wandering through the forest, bored out of his mind. He wasn't quite in the mood to kill, but if he happened to stumble upon anyone foolish enough to enter his woods, he probably would.
That was when he paused. He was well accustomed to the native birds' songs. He often liked to listen to them when his proxies were being particularly obnoxious and he just wanted to clear his head. But the tune that was floating through the sun-kissed leaves obviously didn't originate from the throat of the winged creatures. It was too... smooth.
Curiosity sparked, he began to head for where the noise was
:iconshadowsbyday:ShadowsByDay 421 119
You're Not Alone (Slenderman X Reader) ch 18
    Slenderman’s POV
    A faint scent of dried blood drifts through the air. I stand across the hall, waiting for her door to open. I can hear her soft whimpers from behind the door, but nothing else. The door is motionless, taunting and tempting me to open it. I want to see her. I want to hold her. I just want her.
    __________… I’m so sorry.
    I listen closely to her soft sobs; it is my only sign that she is there.
    I promise I will never do anything like that to you ever again.
    Eventually, the sobs soften and fade, disappearing into silence. The silence that I had enjoyed so much in the past is now my anathema. It weighs heavily on my body, reminding me of what I have done to her.
    Please, forgive me….
    Time slows down to a near hault. Every second I wait feels as
:iconlolmclare:lolmclare 275 199
Wolves and Ravens pt.17 *Final*| Reader X Mihawk

              “(Name) would you relax,” Zoro huffs, “We’re almost there.” 
              For the past couple hours you’ve been pacing back and forth along the Sunny’s railing, switching between wolf and human form. Oh, and whining. You were doing a lot of whining. At this point everyone had given up trying to calm you down. Now all Zoro wanted you to do was shut up. Yes he understood that you really wanted to get back to Mihawk, but you didn’t have to drive everybody crazy. Nami and Robin had gone back to the women’s quarters, Usopp and Franky went back to their workshops, and Sanji had gone to the kitchen to get snacks for everyone else.
              Zoro was trying to take a nap against the railin
:iconpsychocircus774:PsychoCircus774 78 11
Wild (Child!Reader x Mihawk)
Song: Piece by Piece 
    Mihawk couldn’t help but stare at the at the tiny body lying in the sand. Their face was flushed red, and they were breathing extremely heavy. Their face was in obvious discomfort. Whether it’s from the fever, or the many bruises that littered the small body. Mihawk sighed, and gently scooped up the tiny thing. He walked along the grey sand, towards the castle.
   He sat near the edge of the bed of the small girl. He gave her to Perona to bathe, and get cleaned up. Now that all the sand was out of her hair, it was a dull h/c at h/l. Her s/c skin was clean, and the bruises were darker than ever. She was awfully small, and extremely skinny. She was dehydrated and malnourished, and Mihawk didn’t need to be a doctor to see that. He took a sip of his wine as the cloth fell of her forehead. He was right in guessing she had a fever. Curr
:iconchiotaku101:Chiotaku101 180 27
Assemble pt10 ~ Final

        “This seems excessive…” Law states, looking over the battle gear you had equipped them all with.
         “Most of the androids in town are law enforcement, they’re built for combat, while the supernovas were supposed to be servant androids… Although I think we programmers were trying to be a bit more creative with your models…” You admit, sharing a glance with Shanks.
      “I cant wait to see what the ones you designed do.” He rumbles.
       “Pardon?” Drake asks.
       “Not only did we contribute to all the models, we were also allowed to design two androids, and work together on a third. Zoro and Luffy are my designs.” Shanks informs them.
       “Who did you design?” Luffy asks you curiously.
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 120 28
Ink Stain ~Law x Reader~ (Part 2)
[Name] sweat dropped.
She had no idea what to do from this point. She can simply stay in the water and wait for the man to leave. She can just ask the man to kindly leave. She can run as fast as she can into the forest, but most likely trip her away there. She can just cover her naked body with her wings but she would no longer be able to keep her wings a secret. If she were to get out of the water the man would notice the disappearance of her wounds. She can’t allow the man to know how she healed so fast from the amount of blood on her dress. It was fresh blood and he was bound to believe she was massively injured. Oh god, she felt like she was going to burst.
“Oi. You there…”
[Name] froze as his eyes looked straight into her own. Her body tensed as she heard his voice. Her wings shivered as he held up her dress in a kind manner for her to see. She had no idea if she were to trust this man. Yet, her body was acting on its own that she didn’t understand. L
:iconlittledreamer101:LittleDreamer101 29 11
The Doctor's Beast WS AU by AbnormallyNice
Mature content
The Doctor's Beast WS AU :iconabnormallynice:AbnormallyNice 4 2
We Serve Dead People pt1

         The clank of spatulas tapping on the grill was the only thing you heard over your own thoughts. Rare.. Medium Rare… Well done… Did I get the veggies? Blinking back, you check over the plates. Yeah, you got them. Turning over the last slab of meat, you bring it to the last plate.
          “Order up Law.” You call. Checking over the list briefly.  
          “Thank you ___, they want a left hand as well.” He breathes as he passes by, grabbing the plates.  You hum, peering at his earrings when their golden glint draws your gaze.
          “What time is it?” You ask, using tongs to retrieve a left hand from the cool bar and placing it on a side dish for him.
          “Time to… Get ready for the brothers.” He checks his watch.
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 116 35
Caretaker ~ Ace X Reader *One Shot*

*Request for :iconmorianna19: Sorry it's so late and thank you for your support! Much love to you and all who read!*
       “Are… Are you pouting at me right now?” You manage over your scratchy throat which currently burned from a coughing fit. The freckled man that stood at the foot of your bed, looks away.
         “I- We’ve been planning this for weeks…” He murmurs.  
         “I know… I’m sorry… Don’t let me being sick affect you partying with the others.” You sigh, looking down with a sad frown. Whitebeard crew has stopped at an island to celebrate their dear captain’s birthday, and of course,  your body had to keep you from having fun.
          He frowns at that, “No… I’ll take care of you. We’ll have fun together.” He puts a h
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 156 11


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