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Arika Azuna - ECHO {BNHA OC}
I love this anime with a burning passion in my heart! Deku, Bakugou, and Todoroki are mah babies!
On Amino, I couldn't believe how much everyone loved her! Calling her a precious little bubble bean! That honestly warms my heart! ^^

So with that being said, let's move on to her information!!! <3


♀| Basic | ♂

⚬ First Name: Arika

⚬ Last Name: Azuna

⚬ Hero name: Echo

⚬Class: 1-A hero course

⚬Gender: Female

⚬ Sexuality: Strait

⚬ Age: 16

⚬ Birthday: October 28th (Scorpio)

⚬ Blood type: B

⚬ Height: 5'2

⚬Allies: Izuku, Kirishima, Uraraka, Bakugou

⚬Enemies: Toga, Dabi, Nomu, Tomura, MoonFish.

⚬Friends: Izuku, Kirishima, kaminari, Jiro, Uraraka, momo, Asui, Mina, Tokoyami, Todoroki, Bakugou.

⚬ Personality: quiet, kind, caring, understanding, strong, dedicated, committed, lovable, and passionate!


:✅: Singing and drawing

:✅: Sushi

:✅: friends and family


✘ Presenting

✘ vegetables and tomatoes

✘ horror


⚬ the dark

⚬ Horror movies

⚬ losing a competition ( she maybe afraid of fighting, however she won't back down from a fight. That's how determined she is.)


⚬ support

⚬ confidence


⚬ Loss

⚬ unknown for now


:⚡️: | Appearance | :⚡️:

⚬ Hair Color: dark shade of purple (turned purple due to her quirk)

⚬ Skin Color: peachy

⚬ Eye Color: violet

⚬Piercings: none

⚬ Tattoos: none

⚬ Scars: none

⚬ Freckles: none

⚬ Birthmarks: none

⚬ Costume: uptop

:⚡️: |Stats| :⚡️:

⚬ Intelligence 9/10

⚬ Strength 7/10

⚬ Agility 4/10

⚬ Wisdom 6/10

⚬ Reflexes 5/10

⚬ Confidence 9/10

⚬ Empathy 5/10

⚬Defense 10/10

⚬Control Over Quirk 10/10

:⚡️: | Quirk | :⚡️:

⚬ Glass bubble

:⚡️: | Quirk Moves | :⚡️:

⚬ block

⚬ range


:⚡️: | Quirk Explanation | :⚡️:

⚬ She tends to use up 50% of her power. 50 meaning the shard attack, 10 meaning defense. When she passes her limit, she becomes tired and her shield becomes weaker by the minuet. The smaller the shield, the stronger it is. Once the shield expends to maximum size, it'll become more thinner and easier to shatter. The shield can wrap around her and others forming a glass bubble. Her shields are a perfect shade of purple, and see through aswell.

Not only that, but her Shield can form spikes out of it (her ultimate move?)

Her quirk isn't a very powerful quirk, but it is defiantly a useful quirk (especially for defense).


:⚡️: | Quirk Drawbacks | :⚡️:

⚬ shatters easily, glass shards aren't as effective for lots of damage at close range.

⚬ one problem for her is that the center of her shield big or small is one of the weakest part of the shield. A direct hit through there would give her lots of damage

⚬ just like everyone else, there is a limit. Her limit isn't painful but rather annoying. If she uses her quirk to much, she becomes tired and sleepy. If she not careful, she might fall asleep accidentally during an event.


Arika has had a happy childhood, her parents are still alive and supportive of her in every way. Her dad was quirkless but her mom was one of the pro heros of Japan. However when Arika was born, her mom had retired for hero work to take care of her child. Once Arika found out she had a quirk, she trained and worked hard. Inspired by her mothers hard work, Arika will continue to make her parents proud of her improvement and goals. Arika hasn't had much to do as a child, considering her motivation to move forward and prepare for the future. She didn't play games or sports, all she did was study and try her best. This wasn't a bad thing to Arika, she found this as a way to relax and concentrate on her goals. She is an only child but she doesn't mind having some alone time every now and then. When Arika developed her quirk in third grade, for years People have treated her differently and have kept their distance from her. Arika wasn't bothered by it however, when other students told her that a quirk like hers didn't deserve to become famous. Arika was insulted at first, but then came to a realization. Arika wasn't going to let others keep her from achieving her dreams. She believed that just because they said she couldn't do it....doesn't mean she can't.

:⚡️: | Abilities | :⚡️:

⚬ Preferred Weapon: shield (not really a weapon tho)

⚬ Abilities: This quirk allows her to create shields minimum to maximum in size. When shattered, the glass shards can be used as to attack by range and close up.

⚬ Magic: concentration in battle

⚬ Battle Style: Defence



" You are a good person, and you don't have to be a hero to show that."
Christina (Project 89) ~ MMD Model
Horray my first MMD model I made! If you would like to see it in action, click the link below please! :3


~~Model credit~~

Base: [MMD] YYB Morphable Bases [DOWNLOAD]

Hair:  [MMD] 2016 TDA Hair Edits by Moyonote

Skirt: mmd dl - suspender skirt remake

Shirt: MMD - TDA Teto and Miku in sweater + DL

Socks: MMD Tights

Shoes: MMD HQ snow boots

Pose Used: [MMD] Pose Pack 5 - DL (NO IK SUPPORT)

Christina (Project 89) Belongs to me

if you would like to know more about her, check out her information here!

Original motion:

if you think I should DL this, please let me know! cause I had a hard time deciding on whether I should. 
Horray! I drew the diamond crew!

Blue diamond will always Ben my waifu! X3

I sorta rushed drawing yellow since I didn't know how to draw a helmet and I drawing her eyes are super HARD!!

Also white was hard to draw because she was like a glowing lantern when we first saw her. Either way it was fun drawing these beans! X3
Jul 16, 2018
:iconasumidraw:AsumiDraw has changed their username (formerly HynxDraws)
I was so glad and relieved to finish this in time for his birthday, it's a 23 minuet speed paint and half of the time I spent drawing the hair! xD

anyway, if you want to see the progress in this drawing. feel free to watch my speed paint! :3


Have a wonderful day/night :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 



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Hey! I just wanted to say your art is great! But, it could be improved. Your anatomy is good, and so is your hair. Actually, my favorite part about these drawings are the hair. It has lots of body, and gives good character to the, well, characters! But, sometimes, it can be too shiny. Watch out for that. I also suggest using a lighter, less rough shading for your cartoony style. It would look nicer with a brighter, more shiny style. I see lots of potential! Keep up the great work~
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