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This is mostly a lot of the smudge tool in photoshop, though originally it was just a really messy drawing I had done with a black pencil. Smudge took is awesome like that =) Mowgli is the little boy who grew up with the wolves. And in Disney's version, he wears a red diaper, which I originally drew, but then decided to cut off with the rest of his body. For some reason, he continued to look like a girl now matter what I did, but he's young enough that it's allowed, I guess. Actually, he started off as a girl in my drawing, so maybe that's why.
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I believe he wears a just looks like a diaper...Nice pic, by the way!
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hehe, yeah, but it's just so much more fun to call it a diaper ;)
and thanks! =)
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You're welcome!
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I love the hair and eyes,it's awesome with the shadings.
zoogirl's avatar
Wow this is great! This is like one of my favorite things you've done! Good shading using the smudge tool!
BlueDragon181's avatar
oh i like is very interesting. looks very sad :)
albundyland's avatar
Fantastic work with the eyes. He also has a great expression!
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