2013 Retrospective and 2014 Prospective
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Greetings, great ones.
Were you able to have a fulfilling year?
Time seems to pass in the blink of an eye.

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2013 is at an end. Many things happened in 2013, more than the Internet can say. Many things are promised in 2014: the new Sailor Moon anime, the PPG special, the Sochi Olympics....

We cannot say for sure what lies beyond that horizon (myself included), but that is part of the mystery and adventure of life. (Isn't it?) Tis a shame I couldn't spend the Year of the Snake (or the Years of the Rabbit/Cat and Dragon for that matter) with all of you. (Heck, I'm reeling from missing on out on getting a Cat Badge. A Cat Badge! :bademoticon:  I know that event will never happen again.) On the bright side, the year of my outer sign approaches, the Year of the Pony Horse! Er, the Year of the Wood Horse. *pulls certain heads out of the gutter* (Technically, I was born in the Year of the Metal Horse. ...Would that make me a Robot Unicorn? *shot*)

In fact, probably something that was either lost in translation or lost entirely on my comeback journal was that I'm not 100% back - or I don't exactly consider myself as such (though barely helps that I've begun commenting again, but it helps maintain normalcy). The journal was more along the lines of an "I'm not dead!" journal, especially some were becoming convinced that I would never return. (As much as the pressure kills me, as much as it eats me up inside that I currently can't produce as much and as good as you want me to be, I can't abandon you guys. All of you are too precious to me. This is especially so since you sorta have to have an online presence these days.)

Here are some holiday/New Year's gifts to you, my beloved public. Continue to be members of love's army, become new yous for the future, and never mind the weirdness therein. (Seriously.)
Oheso no Kuni Kara Konnichiwa
Only You
What is LOVE?
Ai no Gundan
Atarashii Watashi ni Nare!
Seishun Collection
Egao no Kimi wa Taiyou sa

I hope all of you have had a fulfilling 2013 and may you be Can-Doers next year. May next year be super special awesome!

A dream won’t come true just by waiting for it.
So let’s start walking towards ours.

Go for it!

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Love Heart, peace Peace, and rock and roll Horns,
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I end 2013 as I began it, with a broken bone in my hand!
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So I've read on from your journals. Get well soon!
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