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The Red Ribbon

This is rejected work from my client.
They want me to do a realistic portrait for their product but I can't made it up to their requirement.

Anyway, didn't feel disappointment because I did my best ^^...
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As an old art director, I'd love to know what they were expecting.  What is/was their product (without using a trade name)?
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Such a beautiful girl I love the style(:
She is adorable!
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This reminds me of a story i read once.....
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Luv her eyes and her hair ♥♥♥♥
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Gorgeous eyes.
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Beautiful girl !
Love her hair and her eyes.
It's really gorgeous.
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You have been featured here: Red Ribbons
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I love her hair and face <3
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You know what, she is very beautiful.

The face and everything about it has this vibe of delicacy.
I can never get tired of looking at it. I believe you did a wonderful job.
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you are a god artist !
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I can see why it's not entirely realistic, but it's still amazing! I love it! It's beautiful :D
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This is really nice... I like the style, personally
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How could ANYBODY reject THAT?!? Dude, i would've CRIED MY EYES OUT if this were mine and got rejected!!! It's absolutely gorgeous! :ohnoes:
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Even if it did not work for your client it works for me :hug:
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i think its amazing and i love this painting. I grew up reading that story and it has always held a place in my heart. Im very glad you made this.
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This is so lovely though. Pfft, the client's loss >:C
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I adore the way you've done the hair in this - it's really detailed! :)
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I love it, is one of the most beautiful portrait type pictures I've seen in years.
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is this from that ghost story about the girl who used the ribbon to hold her head to her neck?
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What i was thinking.
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