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The Manikin 's Portrait

This is artwork for 9K CG Challenge.
Theme is " What is Life?" (Happiness)

[b]My Concept:[/b]
He devoted himself to art.
As you known, This way of life isn’t easy. It’s full of obstacle.
But he’s struggle to his best with his cybernetic manikin-like body.
Is he handicap? or he just want to exceed the limit of human’s body?
I don’t really know.

Anyway, with his life-less shell, he delivered the wonderful portrait of an angel.
He is happy till the last minute. Doing the thing he’s love.
He may already death. But, he continue to live on his art.
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Such a beautiful, haunting piece. I had the treat of discovering it in this "Sunday Smiled" remix, and I hope that one day, I can buy this art so that I can support your work.

Here's to hoping that you'll do more wonderful works like these! ^^

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Who's gonna look after the kitty now? O.o
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wow dont know this anime but it looks epic.
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This gives me the chill. But it's without no doubt a great chill.
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this is awesome 
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Is this (and your username) a reference to Evangelion?
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And is the picture he drew possibly Rei Ayanami?
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just, amazing *-*
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So you are the master behind this work. It sure did take some time to find it. I can't describe how much I love this image
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WOW! It's beautiful! He's beautiful!
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This reminds me of the artwork for Death Parade. (His manikin's.)

I REALLY love this. Good work!
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Wauw, amazing! I love it!
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OoO The body may fade, but art is immortal, excellent piece of work 10/10 
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So many pictures I see are amazing, and all tell a story. This piece is one I wish someone would write a story about
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How lovely, your work is excellent as always. I feel like i might be able to relate this this piece of art, since I feel like i need hand replacement at times when my hand is tiered from working on art to much, :)
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OHH I LOVE THIS DRAWING SO HARD!!! I am so glad I found it!

Thank you for existing, dear artist!!
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found the original
now i can rest in peace.... -_-
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and i thought it was Sasori's fan art  :D
anyway its beautiful 
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That book. Why. Are. There. Boobs. On it.

Great work, by the way. :thumbsup:
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