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The Fruit of Inspiration.

By asuka111
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A gift illust for my friend, ~vic-mon
Apple is her favourite fruit so I came up with this concept.

Sketch in my sketchbook.
Color in photoshop CS3

"Happy birthday, Vic.
Be inspire and creative forever!
Live happy and healthy. " :)

from your friend,
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Hello and congratulations! Your picture 'The Fruit of Inspiration.' has been choosen as an inspiration of the month in A-Spark-of-Hope!! Inspiration is everywhere and we appreciate the desire of inspiring others with breathless displays of artwork like this! Thank you for your amazing style and contribution to the DeviantART gallery! Have a great day Heart
-Signed, Yuki, Founder
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If that fruit would exist I would buy a bunch of them
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This is a very cute drawing.
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Yum. It's almost as big as her! LOL
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An excellent fruit.
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you mean it?? a sketch this is much better than my progress in drawing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I'm really jealous if these are your sketches. Actually, I'm really jealous anyway! :D
Great job!
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omg, she is so cute! luv the pic.
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I want to have a dress like this ;)
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This is very cute!
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yeahh, she's really nice!
the coloring is really good C:
and i think that the apple is a great complement -^^-
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So pretty n.n
I like her face a lot, specially her eyes, and the hair color too ^^
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Oh, that is cute. x3 The idea to use a favourite fruit as the focus, too, is creative. There are a bunch of references to your meaning, and I love it for that - the little things just make the image worth looking over again for more. May I just inquire what the eighteen means? xD
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mind if i make this into a base?
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really really amazing :heart:
ur friend is lucky!
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This is so cute! its amazing that you coloured this in photoshop, I could never get the hang of the program!
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happy birthday vic! lol
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this looks fantastic, keep up the great work :heart:
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It's amazing and nice to see than a very simple concept like fruits can inspire you to create such a wonderful illust.
I just love it ^^
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