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January 26, 2009
Stealing kiwi's eggs by *asuka111 is quite eye catching! The amazing imagination and creativity in this picture is beautiful! Looking at it always makes me smile, I don't know why but it just does, it's got humor in it yet it's not funny for the poor Kiwis!
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Stealing kiwi's eggs


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I just have an opportunity to give a lecture about CG Painting at Tammasart University Rangsit ,Thailand. So, I come up with this illustration for a demonstration this Saturday.

Nothing special in concept. Just want to be funny and contain some story.

I image a fairy,stealing kiwi's eggs, runaway from swarm of angry kiwi. Got this inspiration from a kiwi doll from New Zealand**(not Switzerland...NOTE: thank for notice me. I'm really confuse XD ) that my mum bought for me.

Sorry for long time no posting any new work. I just busy all the time.
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Kiwi is a fruit. I have at home right now. This cannot be true. We all know fruits do not lay eggs.