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Oni Gaunlet

By asuka111
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NOTE: "Oni" is japanese word means "Demon"

Come up with some idea for a character during doodling in free time. Also, try to experiment with style.
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What does the japanese character on her hip mean?
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Great! very, very great.... :-)
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is she biting the scarf?
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Very interesting. I'd love to hear the story behind this!
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looks very sexy....
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That is a cute design asuka111! She reminds me of Black Rock Shooter!

You've done a good job with this artwork! ;-)
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This really is a great piece of work. I like how even though the dragon has alot more texture than the girl, the girl is the main focus. The dragon also a large part of the focus as well but doesnt take away from the girl. Most backgrounds people make are easily ignorable but you cant help but seeing the WHOLE picture with this.
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i lov this one U.U
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beautiful :) i lOVE it ! ^^ nice work
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ute little demon ^^
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Cutest thing I ever saw. I want my very own Oni Girl. I shall name her Spitz...or Spitzi x3
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With her little blushing (assuming from the red under her eyes a bit) I kinda expect to see some guy (human) stuck out there in that area happening across her having killed that thing and wondering how the heck she took it down among other such thoughts.

gorgeous work! =D
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You have obviously spent alot of time perfeting the female anotomy. This picture reminds me of the game monster hunter. I really do love it!
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Wow, that's really awesome.
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i like her expresion its like "What giant monster? Oh that one well we were just talking..hehe ^.^" maybe im the only one but i see it as shes being innocent
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{NOTE: "Oni" is japanese word means "Demon"}

no it means "ogre" its used for a specific kind of beast only. Demon is a word for many different and varied types of satanic monster.
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True, I believe Akuma would be a more generic term though being that an oni's primary features are horns and immense strength I suppose it would not make much of a difference in this picture. Plus, many japanese folkloric creatures have shapeshifting abilities so any phisical description is bound to be innacurate...
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