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Mask of hatred.

Beauty and hateful.

This is an cover illustration I done for Let's Comic magazine in Thailand. ( [link] )
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Looks Greaatttt *-*-*
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really really love this one <3
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She look beautiful
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I literally dug up the internet to find the author of this art I randomly found. It's a beautiful piece of art!
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this one make me Glad

sUch nice

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Hey Asuka, your art was copied and reposted...…

Just to let you know....
That wasn't copied and reposted, it's a drawing of her drawing. Yes they absolutely should have credited Asuka111 for the inspiration, but techncially they didn't "steal" her work straight up. That other person actually DREW that other picture themselves, but it's entirely based on Asuka111's picture.
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Entirely "based" you say? Looks like he drew on top of Asuka's work! Easy as Hell, isn't it??? Not sure if artists would enjoy such ..."course of action"... especially when not properly credited (would you??? I wouldn't...). I'd love to know Asuka's opinion on this...
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Those eyes send chills down the spine.

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Wow!!! Trop beau!!! :D ♥_♥
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gosh, i'm amazed.^^ your whole gallery's great, but i like this one the most...especially the hairstyle:)
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awesome I really love this ><
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I really like this one. The blood on the red kimono and the ink-like substance oozing from the mask. Wish I could draw/come up with something like that.
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soooooo skillllllled I'm Jealous
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After viewing your gallery (amazing work !!!!!) it's had not to pick them all ! I liked the dark side on this one.
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This is beautiful and scary...when I first saw it I thought to myself now that is a woman scorned who is on a mission. I love it!
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Very beautiful textures, Asuka. The stained cloths and soft skin, the heaviness of the mask, and the shadows are all done extremely well.

HOWEVER, I will take a moment to criticize the hair and the string around her waist area. Her hair is a bit flat looking and "shapey"--too rigid and sticky looking. The rope seems hastily painted, without the vigor of attention with which you paid all the other portions of the painting.

Overall, though, a very great piece of work. Nicely done.
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INSANELY AWESOME!! :wow: :love:
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