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Inori Thai style



Inori from japanese animation called "Guilty Crown". The original version is designed by "redjuice". He actually on dA as well. His dA profile is here: [link] I'm a fans of his gorgeous work!

Regarding this sketch, I tried to adapt some of Thai's art style into the design for fun. You can read where the inspiration came from below: (Caution! quite a long read)


Recently, there is an discussion (or an argument?) between people in a cartoon/manga lover forum in Thailand about "what is Thai style?". It's one of a classic topic amongst Thai artist and audience. Some people gladly embrace japanese manga style and try to adapt it to his/her work while some people just have bad attitude toward it.

So, some people just sarcastically draw modern japanese anime with antique Thai art style and it happens to be popular in the forum. I'm also found it hilarious for some of them. If you're interested you can take a peek here: [link]
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