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Freelancer Life

Using real-life as a reference. :)
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A close friend of mine is an experienced freelancer. She recently worked with a moody client. He has an online business. He had a new idea for promotion and needed to hire a developer. My friend is very responsible and always tries to do her job efficiently. The order was very large so she hardly slept for 2 nights. In the morning she looked like the guy in this picture. A freelancer is the same employee, only he does it using a computer. It's not easy to sit in front of the monitor all night.

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It looks funny, of course, but in fact it's true. Everyone thinks that being a freelancer is very easy.

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Haha, my friend Marcus looks like this around the clock.

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This is a nice drawing. It is easy to observe that you are very talented. You should open your own business for selling drawings like this, making fanarts, and other drawing on order. You never know, maybe you will become very popular and you will make a lot of money on your favorite hobby in the future. If you don't know how to open your business, you can try the Xolo service. It is a company that helps freelancers to open their own online business and run that business. This permits freelancers to concentrate only on their main job, and not running the business.


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True story! :D Good job! :nod:

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oh god it hurts to see that cup on top of that tablet 
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Me when I draw x3 
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lol total understand this
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never with your drawings
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Now thats a burn son
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Lol. That description.

Great piece though. He looks super wired, and using his hair as a bird nest works beautifully.
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Definitely close to home (no pun intended), minus the birds.
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seems happier than an office job though, like in a cubicle....
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heh, story of my lifeWink/Razz 
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Same, except the birds are on my desk or shoulders. xD But thats a good idea.
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You feel me :´) 
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so that is you ^=^ .. i guess you don't have those birds for real doyou >////<
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when u cant think what to draw
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that so cute and trueShut The F Up Emoticon -2007- 
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OMG! whe did you take me that pic???? :O
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absolutely true :D
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Freelancing drove me crazy. This is a great illustration of it.
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Oh god ! I'm not alone yeah !XD
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