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Commission work. 2010.
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Kinda Ghibli's Style
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Hah hah, the dragon doesn't look very amused from the looks of it.
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It looks like a wonderful adventure ^^
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That looks cool. lol I like the expressions how she looks excited, he looks concerned and the dragon just seems annoyed XD. I could be off >_<
really great !!
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I love the somewhat annoyed look in the Dragon's eyes :)

Wonderful vision here!
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I don't exactly know what this is for, but it looks awesome.
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Epic. It speaks volumes.

"Advance forward!"

~Claude C. Kenni, Star Ocean - The Second Story.[PS1]
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Astonishing and beautiful.
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Their mouths. I love their mouths.
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Hello, I'll be posting this in two places to make sure you get it:

I am learning how to use HTML and CSS, using it to create a profile of sorts in a high-school class, and am hoping to use this picture as both my main profile picture and to create a color pallet. I would of course give you full credit for the picture. It is one of my all-time favorites and I feel it represents my love for fantasy, which is the theme. Thank-you for your time.
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sugooooooooi >3<
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Looks sweet! :D
Great paintwork, likable characters...
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suuuu kuul >3<
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Holy... this is great! The guy's face does look an aweful lot like Brendon from Freddiew (youtube) ;P
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Great scene!! The expression of the dragon is priceless! Good Job!
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dragon "what the hell did i get myself into..."
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that is an AAMAZING DRAGON!!!
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