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Relaxing personal artwork. Portrait of an elf.

Preliminary rough painting with Procreate for iPad and clean it up by Photoshop CS5.
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I remember when I was 13, I used to play this roleplay game in a forum with my friends. RPG was based on a big pallace full of princesses and princes, and the objective was to create lores for the kingdoms and form relationships. And there was this girl playing with the elf princess, her photoplayer was this beautiful redhead elf you made. I remember everyone going crazy about her, I think her name was Elinia, and everyone agreed that she was the prettiest princess in the pallace, everyone was trying to pair their princes with her, everyone hated the guy that got to stay with her lol
This elf is extremely nostalgic to me and I will never forget those moments. I remember, after that RPG, a lot of people wanted to use this elf for their characters in other fantasy roleplays, we really loved your work. This forum is dead by now and this makes me SO sad.
By the way, your beautiful artwork introduced me to DeviantArt and I will never forget what all this meant to me. Thank you, never stop doing art.
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I'd frame this and mount it on my house :(
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beautiful art - I'm quite impressed. Giggle 
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Absolutely beautiful! Neko Emoji-32 (Clap) [V2] Neko Emoji-32 (Clap) [V2] Neko Emoji-32 (Clap) [V2] 
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You did well with this piece.  Her look is of, "Yes, can I help you?"
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gorgeous digital paint~!
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Hello, do you sell your art?
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Like the in between of anime and real life
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Beautiful! Well done! :D
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Georgeous drawing
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I love this piece (Elves <3). Red hair suits her yellow eyes very well. I also love the background and "mysterious" waterfall : ) Great work, going to my favorites folder in an instant.
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How do you even paint this ??? :wow:
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lovin the detail
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It's very nice. Good job.
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Beautiful piece of work.
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I'm kind of making this story where all I do is show people other's original work and suggest for them to check the artist out. I hope you don't mind that I promote your work for the first chapter and use a few of your pictures as examples of your skill. I will leave a link here once it's up. V.V
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Wow, You are amazing artist....... 
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