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D.VA from Overwatch

D.VA fan art from Overwatch. 
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Hey, just wanted to let you know I found someone on artstation who traced over this and pretends to have drawn it himself.

I reported and commented on the post.

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So fantastic!!!
Is there a higher resolution version???
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Awwww.... i was forced by a pop-up Sign to say something...

You know of course this illustration is Reeeeeeeaaaaaaly good...
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D.Va is waifu for laifu. <3
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This is look so beautiful
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Dramatically good.
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Wow, nice use of colors with this one. 
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Amazing art! May you do one of mercy? 
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Great coloring I love it!
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Wow, D.VA looks amazing! *.*
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beautiful, i would make me such stunning plugsuit
God! This art is hell awesome!
I wish i were that good
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Really nice artwork! :)
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Love the attention to detail, great work!
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I don't even.  Incredible and at a loss of words of how good this is.  Thanks!
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Colors and shading are so clean. *^*
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she looks like a cute evangelion character xD 
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What program do you use?
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"Ha-ha! GG!" 

Man, I love her character!
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