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-- Colorless --

"I'm waiting for someone in this greyish world.
As if the rain washed the color out of this planet.
Same as myself, washed away by the rain.
Loneliness is all that remains."

This illustration comes from the short story above that I wrote during a storm. It's rained so hard that time that I could only see grey in the sky. Quite a sad moment (my life, also). So, I came up with this moody art piece.

Hope you like it.

*thx ~last-rain for a translation ^^;
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Wow, it's very nice. Just like my emotion
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Beautiful painting! The grey World in the background is so bleak & desolate that it's terrifying. Completely without hope. So You did a good job. Hope You are not still there? :) (Smile) tfs 
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woah i love this
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This is one of my favourite pic's since a few years! But i did'nt know the i'm lucky to know you😍😆
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I love it! The art express all those feelings.
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Wow, such an amazing artwork. I love the way you've created a sad and dark but sort of wistful atmosphere, so beautiful!!!
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The mood you created in this piece is amazing. It's sad, reflective, and poetic. Lovely work. 
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This is one of my favorite pieces of art. It is truly amazing=)
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Love this a lot!!
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This is amazing. <3
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I can't put into words how much I love this... ( ꒪Д꒪)ノ
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This artwork is on of my all time favourites. It is beautiful.=D
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I like the poem. And the picture suits it well, too. ^^
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Very good work!
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Great, I woud buy it if I hab Money. XD
Keep up the good work.
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