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October 6, 2009
CARNELIA by *asuka111 is creative in the extreme, detail-packed, and so very fun!
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Artwork for "Wacom Anime girl contest 2009"

Character Profile:


Age: 14
Personality: Curious and Cheerful
Love: Anything that has/have Red color
Hate: Cockroach

Carnelia is the young apprentice magician. Her name comes from the red gemstone, “Carnelian”. She is very talented in summoning skill, but still have a lot to learn.

She always carries a bag which contains many tools for casting spells and painting "the summoning circle" as well as “The Magician ‘s Guidebook 101” for the reference!

There is a orange-demon troublemaker, “Mr.Salvador” along with Carnelia all the time. The Demon was summoned by Carnelia and they get along very well. (sometime...)

A long journey of being the master of magician is just started!
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© 2009 - 2021 asuka111
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scratzilla's avatar
awesome art works.
TheAncientMasteress's avatar
After all these years, I finally bought this print. lol. I love it! Thanks for posting this as a print. It will hang nicely above my workstation. :3 And, as always, keep up the great work!
TheAncientMasteress's avatar
You are, by far, my favorite artist. I've followed you for many years, and to this day, this one is still my favorite art piece. I'd still like to commission you one day for that curly haired red orange haired witch with books floating around her but I'm one broke mom. Someday, I will, hopefully. Gosh, I got myself all fired up..Anyhow, keep up the great work, Asuka. Your art always amazes me every time I see it. 
XxDarkanimexX's avatar
What art program do you use? :D
Dragonballfan34's avatar
She looks amazing!! ^o^
CupidButtonz's avatar
Anyways, BEAUTIFUL work! I love the colours and the style!
CupidButtonz's avatar
NHD76's avatar
Very nice and cute !! Congratulations for DD !!
monkeylovebanana's avatar
anwaarsaleh's avatar
Very creative and lovely character design :)
azammehdi's avatar
Hello! Just wanted to say “GREAT WORK!” Really like this piece – the coloring, scene, characters… they all come together perfectly.
I wanted to let you know about a FREE online contest I have for Anime style art. Winner gets $100 USD! The sponsor of the contest is CARCIPHONA, a graphic novel written by Shilin Huang (a member of the dA community). I would love to see your work in the contest! We’re a growing start-up… your participation really helps ☺
Here is a link to the contest page [link] or you can find us on facebook [link] (Talentcalling) or just GOOGLE “Talentcall Artist in a Floating World” – that’s the name of the contest.
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Nefaire's avatar
Waaa nice, LOVE it, very unique! <3
Firodendon's avatar
Love her hat! That so create
telsukita's avatar
Very cool.... I like it!
MondayTonality's avatar
Dante8411's avatar
Hates cockroaches, but keeps a skull with her.
Tiramizsu's avatar
love the hat XD
Liozuk18's avatar
I don't know how to express my mind when i look this drawing
Dex2301's avatar
I really like the book and the bag with all the items in it. Hope it were a boy instead, though. Not comfortable looking at girls.
RosieSenpai's avatar
This is very cool.
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