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Bike craft

By asuka111
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Artwork done with SketchBook Pro (iPad/Mac)
You can see the painting video and the tutorial PDF at

Here is the link to that blogpost:
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hello, First of all, nice work !
Also, I have a project to do for the uni and the theme is the mangas. In one part of it, i have to compare drawing on paper and the digital way. Do you allow me to use your drawing and put it in a website ( which will not be put online just for a local usage ) ? You will be given full credits and your deviantArt page will be listed in a sitography.
thank you.
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this looks like art from an actual anime i love it
Not pink but I like it
Alexi-C's avatar
Amazing work! Love the character, and all the technical details
TheGasMaster4381's avatar
Nice! Looks like she is designing a futuristic bike? The coloring is gorgeous for this piece. I like how the color of her glasses compliment the color of her eyes, and how the color of the character and her bike contrast with the black and white like background giving it a nice focal point. Very nice job with this one.
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Awesome scene and character!
zJoriz's avatar
Awesome paintwork! I know from experience that it's hard to draw perspective on bikes... good job...
Hate to be the bike nerd here, but there is nothing at that end of the bike she could be fixing or adjusting with an allen key. hahahah other than that its a great picture 
Psychorror's avatar
Maybe it's a bendy straw and she has a drink that's out of shot?
TechThat4Shaw's avatar
Got to love bicycle related drawings 
popaganda77's avatar
I wish I was her bike so she would rub her sensual anime crotch all over my face while she got all sweaty while commuting to and from work

I sould wait patiently, chained to a rack with other similar bikes awaiting the time she would return to ride me home.

I lick my lips in anticipation.
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FullmetalRoccia's avatar
Mmmh Pokemon style? Or original character?
RenOokami's avatar
So I am not the only one thinking about pokemon when I see this picture..glad to know it xD
Suekumaru's avatar
Fue por el vídeo de este dibujo que supe de tu existencia Wink/Razz  Muy bueno, muy bueno.
Simple-City11's avatar
Super detailed this is incredible!
RuneKatashima's avatar
I wish I could put in to words how much I like this piece.
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well done, very nice.
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