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I made this little tutorial due the many request.
It is a step-by-step painting process in "The Manikin 's Portrait".
I hope it's give you some idea how I work. ^^
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amaaaaaazziiinngg :)
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niceee awesome  job
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Wow what kind of scanner do you have o.O
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This is digitally done
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waaaaw que hermoso!!me encanta la gama de colores que utilizaste!!concuerda totalmente con la escena
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Very intersting, TKS for this step by step :)
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this is really helpful, thank you for sharing! *_*
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this is just amazing great tutorial amazing job on this
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OHH! Sou ka... Domo arigatou gozaimashita
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It's really amazing!!! :heart:
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so beautiful T-T
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LOL, you made it look so simple. I mean, I'm no artist, and the first 2 steps look easy enough. But then comes the 3rd and I dunno how you have the patience to fill in and refine the details. It makes me sweat a bit glancing through your work process, haha.
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It's so beautiful! congratulations!
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Amazing, and thank you, just what I needed. If you ever feel like doing something like this again I would be really gratefull, and I belive many of us watchers wouldn't mind at all
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How do you choose colours so pr0?
I suck at choosing colours :iconbangkillplz:
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so in painter IX, do you color the entire picture (basic color and final details) with the digital watercolor tool?
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I'm new to digital painting and I'm saving for an art program but I don't have a clue what to get. Is there any particular program you would recommend for a beginner?
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Sorry to poke in, but.......
PAINT TOOL SAI Program! :heart:
Capn-Smollet's avatar
Thanks for that :D
But I just found out my computer isn't compatible with that program which is an almighty kick in the shins :doh:
Cheers anyway :)
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