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A Lady in black

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Published: February 22, 2009
Exhausted from a lot of work.
I let my mind wonder once again.

A quick character-painting of a black lady.

**Title was fixed. Thank you to remind me for my bad grammar :) **
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Fantastic stuff. I found this through its use as the background image in RyukaMoon's YouTube video "Schwarzer Regen", a beautiful vocaloid cover.

I love about this piece that you can see it's hand-painted, but also it appears almost 3D in certain areas. The face is very well done. The skin shading and lighting, specifically, are absolutely fantastic. The hair-loop trailing off to the side is a sweet touch, too. Almost like a fierce dragon's tail.
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Amyko-sanHobbyist General Artist
I've seen this picture used around a lot. So this is where it came from!
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kallyousHobbyist Digital Artist
Looks great! :happybounce: 
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AkameStHobbyist Photographer
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JNinelivesHobbyist Traditional Artist
Reminds me of Mai, one of Pilaf's henchmen from the original Dragon Ball... except much more self-assured
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Jawaher98Professional Artist
oh my i love it
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Hey can I use the picture for my layout???
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Oooh. The enigmatic lady in black. A creature left to the imagination of others, but never confirmed.
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Superior-PhoenixHobbyist General Artist
God, I don't think I can stop staring at this.....
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Sherlockian01Student Artist
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OssumBunzHobbyist General Artist
If I may I ask you what sort of coat is she wearing? This is an amazing picture and I have been wondering that for hours.
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FruitsMetalHostClubHobbyist General Artist
This is absolutely my most favourite piece of artwork in all of the internet.
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I love the subtle expressions you put in your art. I noticed it in your other pieces, too, but chose this one to comment on. As simple as this might appear this picture is very mysterious. She has a purpose or thought in her eyes, and the way this is portrayed it makes one wonder where she's going and why. Love it!
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OrthopteraPuellaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Gorgeous. I am completely taken by this picture. I wish that I could run my fingers through that glossy black hair of hers!
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very nice i like the black
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Burn-taichouStudent Digital Artist
This character looks so much like one of my favorite OC's, but you drew her better than I could ever put on paper! *-*
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