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Hey guys, back from Anime Weekend Atlanta! I had a blast and I think I did pretty good at my in the Artist Alley. I posted this on my tumblr ([link] ) last week and sold this at was pretty much the only print that sold sadly but it something XD

Edit: Cause I'm getting this a lot, Thor is Raichu cause I felt like it and it was funny. Deal with it B-)

Artwork by me
Pokemon © gamefreak
Avengers © Marvel
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I laugh about the fact that Thor is Raichu

I second that *giggles*
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I laugh about the fact that Thor is Raichu
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this is so cool :D
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best crossover ever!
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Awesome! Great job on this. Raichu Is a great choice for Thor! I especially love scizor Iron man! I hope you do more of these!
Ps. Zoroak is a perfect choice for Loki too
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Civil war next
Very nice but... Why isn't Black Widow a Spider...? 😊
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Scizor: *to Raichu* "Doth Surge'th know you wear'th his towel."
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Funny how Captain America became Captain Falcon right here
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This is both incredible, epic, and hilarious. I can't get over Thorachu and that expression lmao, but the pokemon choices and designs are impeccable and everything looks amazing so I'm simultaneously laughing and in awe of it all
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I personally think the Hulk would be more like a Machamp, Conkeldurr or Machoke. 
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Gonna be honest, felt like Decidueye would have been perfect for hawkeye.
But whatever, this is a masterpiece!!!
It would have been a bit tricky to include a Pokémon that wouldn't exist for another half a decade...
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I love Scissor as Iron Man
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This is trending in What's Hot right now because I linked it in this Reddit comment.
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Great idea! :D (Big Grin) Amazing artwork.Love 
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