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:iconastrothesergal:AstroTheSergal posted a status
Uhh so heres the entire thing so far (there may be grammatical errors or parts that dont make sense and its alot of text)


A planet inhabited by creatures, mostly anthropomorphic creatures and rarely humans. Its day and night cycle is normal, however, around morning to day times the sky is a light mix of pink, orange, and purple, at night the sky color is a mix of dark blue to purple, this planet has one star that, is the sun for this planet, and one moon, and a mysterious ‘smaller’ planet that orbits around it, the inhabitants believe in different things, some believe this planet is where their ‘God’ was born, others believe this is a second realm and is believed you’d perish if you stepped foot on this planet. Every hundred years a chunk of this planet falls apart, the inhabitants of Ariaz have different theories, both religious or nonreligious. This planet has not been given a name yet. The environment can be very softly colored and towns can have colorful buildings to floating light sources.

Inhabitants of Ariaz-

These creatures vary but most of them have more canine, feline, or dragon-like features. ‘Humans’ are rarely seen in this population, but, they are called spirits instead in this planet.

Spirits- Spirits are humans with either some magic or no magic, they tend to live longer than the average human being and aren't very common. This group has subgroups including race, or magic, although they are all treated equally, either poorly or not.

They can live up to 200 years, and their magic (if of course, they have any) can vary from being able to summon spears of energy, to flight.

Anthros- These are creatures that are put in one big group and identify as the same even if they are very different from one another, this giant group includes subgroups of a large variety of species. Most of the ‘half gods’ come as Anthros and not many are Spirits. They can have magic or no magic just like humans, and it can vary. They can live up to 400 years of age.


This is a process of which they have different forms, the forms can vary from growing taller or appearances being changed greatly, for both groups it is the same.

Half gods-

Half gods can be from sprits to anthros and can only be purely that, crossbreeds are very rarely included. These half gods can have access to more magic than regular anthros and spirits. They have some control and are given roles to keep balance and make sure the planet is kept in a good state. These half gods live a can little longer. Half gods are picked by the previous ones but there can be some things that can occur such as unexpected death or the disappearance of the previous half god in which the god chooses instead, this rarely happens and half gods usually stop at some point and retire, there is serious terms when choosing a new half god and this is to prevent people from using the given powers way too much or to break the planet's balance.

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