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Children of Xaphan - Desmodus by AstroLabeStock Children of Xaphan - Desmodus by AstroLabeStock

^*** STOCK RULES  you must in some way acknowledge : Children of Xaphan by Astrolabe Entertainment, even if only in the description. 

1) You may (but don't have to) use the Children of Xaphan logo. You MAY make stylistic alterations to the logo. It is available here: 

2) You must reference the character name of the image in either the name or description. 

3) Note me when used. This includes using it as a reference for hand illustrated images. Then I can fav it. 

4) You must acknowledge the stock in your images by my a) DA handle, b)DA link c) Children of Xaphan project

5) You MAY NOT use these for commercial use. 

6) You must post these on DA but You MAY also use outside of DA but message me. (Just send me the link)

7) You must make some kind of attempt to digitally manipulate the work.

8) You MAY NOT use for any pornographic depiction. If you are unsure ask.

Thank you for being involved in the Children of Xaphan Project stock. :) (Smile)

Some info on Children of Xaphan Series

The motion book series, as mentioned, has been specifically written for the medium of motion books. The first series encompasses 27 issues. 

Children of Xaphan Reference:…;

DESMODUS  Character Description

A fallen angel, cast to earth as punishment for his rebellion against the elder angels. Clearly a warrior although in some ways more reserved than his counterparts. DESMODUS is calm and collected, often described as constantly pondering an evaluation of events. His calmness is evident to a point, after which a primitive, ferocious instinctual aggression consumes all. 

 A comrade who formed a friendship with Erro upon both being taken as prisoner of war. Desmodus lost his memory in the War of Advena. His decisions are driven by an instinct which no longer understands. 

The aid of Micah is requested by the Extraworlder Mikajda to intercede with Angelus Desmodus to Enter Gehenna and cripple the Fallen Angels Omias and Bernael. 

Current Alliance: Good / Evil

A Brief Plot Synopsis of Children of Xaphan.

Genre: Fantasy Adventure - Think Conan cross X-Men cross Lord of the Rings, cross Game of Thrones cross Heavy Metal Magazine.

The premiss of the story follows the aftermath of a War in Heaven which occurred aeons ago, ultimately splitting the Heavens and Hells into separate factions. 

Certain divinity was 'hidden' in mortal bloodlines of individuals of divine origin who were placed on the earthly region of the planet Katal. They are known as The Children of Xaphan. Both the Heavens and Hells now seek their power. The divine being, Mikajda intercepts an unlikely band of outcasts, The Phenumbra, to gather and protect the children. This is where our story begins...

To complicate matters there are also forces on Katal, who upon learning of the origins of the Children, seek them for their own personal gains.   

It is an impossibly difficult task to achieve, but it is their only chance for salvation.Through all these obstacles the band must still achieve their goals to gather, The Children of Xaphan. 

A more detailed synopsis and short story: 

Poster Reference Gallery:… 

Comic Reference Gallery:… 

A test cover for the Madefire Motion Book -    

Before/After images: (Flash required-hover mouse over the image to see progression)… 

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archangel raphael - healer of infliction by enkrat
Hvala ti for fine stock!!!:wave::hug:
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The Great model i use here…
Thank you very much
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