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the Victorian Axe Cannon 03

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Published: June 21, 2009
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found some video of the guitar in motion at VGL 2010!!

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10/250 second
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5 mm
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Jun 20, 2009, 9:05:55 PM
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Helix94Hobbyist General Artist
For da love of satan Ö
I Love It. <3
"Why?" I don't know *^* ♥
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spawn-of-satan-95Student General Artist
yo epic guitar dude. I'm about to do a steampunk guitar for my GCSE exam and i was wondering if you had any advice for me. any thing would be mutch appreciated. =)
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Well one mistake I made was not to completely strip the body before working on it. I was nervous about taking out the electronics because I wasn't too familiar with the workings in there and eventually, the pickups and wires got really dusty which messed up the sound of the guitar. I had to fix them all up afterwards. Also, making a lot of custom cuts on a pre-shaped guitar body is really tough if it's been resined or glossed in any way. I figured out that sanding down the resin helps to stop the saw blade from slipping around when making wide angle cuts.

Hmmm.... there are so many horrible blunders I made on this thing... where else do I go with this, lol.

Make sure you really understand the internal landscape of the guitar when designing it. I came close to cutting through the wire housing with the top funnel for the barrel. I also made a few mistakes with detail placement. The guitar sounds great, but that steam dial on the side by the neck really gets in the way with fast playing, and the mounts for the barrel make sliding on the neck a bit tough.

Ultimately, it all seems to boil down to two things: Plan ahead like mad, and know your guitar in and out. Other than that, it's all about what's in your head. This was the first item I made like this and Tommy Telarico bought it from me and plays the Halo theme on it for Video Games Live all over the world... I'm really happy with this one and I know there's a TON of great ideas still to come out of customizers like us!

Good luck, man! I'll be happy to answer any questions you've got :)
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spawn-of-satan-95Student General Artist
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! that is going help me soooooooo much if I knew you in person I would hug you. there is just one question do you think its crazy to attempt to do everything except the sanding in 10 hours? =P
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While I understand the fact that bragging rights to an impressive craft time are fun and sometimes down-right important I would say yes, it's crazy. There is always something to be said for spending a good amount of time on a project. I have in many cases been keen on getting some projects done quickly and it almost always ends up lacking in some way or another. If you look at the Axe Cannon, for example, I didn't take the time to prime the plastic for the scope, so bits of the original color on the inner lens area and the rail are showing through and that really makes it look less professional than I would have liked. Also, there were some joints that I epoxied far too hastily and they look rushed. I will always say that it is best to set aside a healthy amount of time for a project like this. Never rush what could be labored over, the results will show.
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spawn-of-satan-95Student General Artist
kk thanks
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DrDisco777Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Now THIS is a gun.
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"hey look a bunny" *awesome guitar disapear*
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Ha ha ha... Sweet, you can have it, I'll just make another ;)
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MeltinHobbyist Traditional Artist
As a machinist,furniture maker,and giutar player, I gotta tell you,that's very cool. Nice use of Vernier
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Thanks :) I hope I get the time to make more soon, this one was incredibly fun!
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MeltinHobbyist Traditional Artist
The guitar looked like a Gibson Flying Vee. Is that in fact,what it was?
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It was a Washburn Dime Vee. That one had a little more solid wood in it's body to carve into.
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MeltinHobbyist Traditional Artist
Came out great. I have a Warmoth guitar I need to put together. Maybe I should reconsider my vision? lol
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Too awesome, had to fave.
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LeondarOsgoodHobbyist Artist
Bewildering Object you have here may I ask is it an instrument of destruction or does it shoot musical notes at one's target? In either case really nice work.
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It's actually just a guitar made to look like a hunting rifle, lol. Obviously, of course. In the mythology of the object though, it gathers and stores kinetic energy produced by the sound it generates and uses that to propel solid iron projectiles forward at something close to 17-18 times the speed of sound. Its effective range is roughly 6 miles, and can split a modern sports car in half in one shot at point blank. :D:D:D
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Crazy shit! Wish I had some skills to do shit like that.
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I had no idea what I was doing when I made this!! ;) This was my first time "learning" guitar. Everything after this one will be even better. I know you could make one too, just dive in and use your brain when it comes to the big things like what tools to use and what types of glue and nails are the best :) I asked lots and lots of questions at home depot and the local hardware store.
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ObsidianSnowflakesHobbyist General Artist
Holy carp i freakin want one!
Seriously i have wanted a steam punk guitar for ages!
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Well if you're going to have one, it might as well be a gun too! ;)
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