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Before I get anymore comments I need to day this, it's not my birthday. I put this day as my birthday because I hate it being celebrated.
So I'm overloaded with them but im still going to try and reply. If you wanna start a new one,  comment below I guess, I'll reply at some point. I'd probably wanna do something that relies on a story or some sort of plot.
So I'm gonna try to respond to all the rps I'm doing so please give me time and don't comment "continue rp".

I'm wanting to do some marvel rps but not necessarily Dom or sub stuff but they can be if you really want to. I'm wanting it to take place in a parallel universe which I've created for an rp with LonelyAbsol. I've talked about it with one or two people. In this universe after the civil war event in the comics, Steve Rogers is arrested but not killed. the government have been  just been scared by what people with powers being mutant, inhuman or even possessing certain can do as well as heroes and villains with no powers . They decide to plan a attempted suicide on the president, who wants out. They hire a powered assassin who kills him, when the government promised the president that he'd just go out of office and be able to hide. This causes normal people to be afraid of heroes and powered beings. The government call in Norman Osborn to stand in as president who abuses this power, putting them in prisons and through experimentation, also killing them for fun. He creates a task force of powered being who he has under his control to do secret missions to take out beings that haven't been captured yet and are on the run. These are a mixture of villains and heroes (brainwashed) who go under the thunderbolts name and are under the full control of the former head of Oscorp.

Leave a message if you are interested in doing a rp that take place in the universe.
I'm wanting to do a story based doctor who rp. I'll be using my oc.
If you are wanting to start a new rp, request one or just want to have a talk, leave a comment. If you want me to continue our rp, I will do, so don't comment asking me to continue.
So tonight I'm going to try to reply to all of the rps I have not replied to. If I haven't, it's because I have been busy.
But I am wanting to start a few new ones. Either Harry Potter or star wars but story and character based, no fetish stuff. As well, you are free to ask if I have any in mind or you could even suggest your own.
Oh and just a quick reminder, all of my photo rps are open.
So for this, you just have to comment on this journal and I'll name four things- two items, a person and a theme . These things will be different for each person. An example could be:
1. A knife
2. A flower
3. A army officer
4. Thriller

You have to use these four things  I gave you as a prompt to start the rp off.
Make this however you like. It must contain a weird and mysterious machine though that does anything you want It to. You may give out a story and what things the machine does
You find yourself in the middle of a battlefield.  With the war your country got itself into,  you knew what it would be like when you signed up as a soldier to fight against a large group of criminals and misfits somewhere in the continent of Oceania who threatened your country.  
You laid on the dusty, hard,  cratered ground, looking up at the now dark and dust filled skies. The screams of your fellow soldiers rung through your ears, hearing some of their final deaths. Then a bomb dropped near you. You looked at it and before you could react, it went off and exploded, making everything in your sight range go to black
Your eyelids flicker open and you find yourself laying in a coffin in the middle of a forest with a figure watching you from the trees.

(Continue this anyway that you want)
Apparently, on the 21st of May, DeviantART will be deleting all accounts. Not please accounts, accounts, but just all name-wasted accounts, or accounts that we think are fake, or that are useless. We are doing this to prevent something that could possibly happen in the future. If we find this message on your deviantID, journal, etc. we will know that you're not fake.

(Taken from JediRhydons page)
A hacker is going around DA deactivating accounts by hacking into their profiles and email addresses. Copy and paste this journal to stop yourself from getting hacked. As soon as the hacker sees this. He will see what’s going on, and won’t hack you. Please save your account and stop this hacker so we don’t lose another DeviantART user.
After waking up and getting dressed, Harley walked into the living room, unexpectant of anything.  As she entered there was a figure sitting on the sofa. The only thing she noticed was a sinister
"Who are you? did you get into my house?" She exclaimed

(You carry on and decide what happens. Everything storywise is up to you now.  Have fun )
So because of the stuff that's happened, I am cancelling rps where I post pictures for it. I will post 1 requested and then a final one, I want you all to vote for.
Due to canceling it,I will still be doing rps and using celebrities but these will be written starters or I'll just name a celebrity and ask you to come up with a scenario.
Just because I am stopping posting future picture rps, after posting my last ones soon, it doesn't stop people from going back into my gallery and doing any of the ones I have posted in the past.

I'd love to here suggestions for celebrities, characters or even scenarios for the last picture rp ever on my account which will be put on a poll. Suggest as many as you like

This is a repost of archangel216's journal which he just posted

So me and astro have both been struck with DA stuff with our gallery because of pictures due to us not owning them and consent as their likeness hasn't been consented in the pics. Both of us don't know how to do the forms so they will be gone in 30 days. With me most of mine will be gone even though I edited most of themselves myself. But this is fine with me as I haven't been that active. Now astro will be doing everything through writing in order for it  to never happen again

My bit
So I will let the picture go as like archangel216 I can not understand how to the form. So in 30 days it will be gone and I won't be posting the pictures for rps. Has this struck anyone else?
Shadows played with each other on the dark blue wallpapered walls as the full moon shone. The sound of birds  could he heard from outside. It was loud and high pitched. Harley turned over in bed, eyes wide open, unable to sleep. She sat up, giving up trying to fall into a deep slumber that she dreamed of so much. The girl  just stared at the wall and the shadows playing their games.
Suddenly from downstairs she heard a noise. A loud crash. This alerted her and cause her body to stiffen up. She carefully and silently made her way out of bed and exited her room, closing the pale white door as she did.

(Come up with a follow on idea and see it play out)
So I want to know my watchers better and generally other people on DA, so ask a question by commenting, and I'll reply.
I've done one of these before, but if I remember, there were only like three questions
The plan is that this is kind of like a Christmas Carol. You are basically the representation of scrooge in this roleplay.
2 years ago someone's death, a relationship or something else at Christmas time destroyed your life making you miserable. It's now Christmas eve and you are visited by that person
So I need to say something
I was born a male. Around a year ago I worked out I was a female. I haven't gone through surgery or anything, I've just been a female trapped in a males body. But I've realised that I am gender fluid.
Harley was the name I chose to represent me. I am still gonna keep it but you can also call me astro. But harley has not only became me, like a split personality but now my female side. She is also a oc of mine
I hope you all understand
So the winner of the poll is (drum roll)......Luna lovegood! In second place is Sophie Turner and third is slave leia
We are both students at Divine powers academy located in Cristo, a city on the edge of the UK or America, your choice (not an actual city).
We both have different powers and different abilities, training at the academy to train our powers and use them to help the world as written in the government's power treaty act that all people with powers need to go to an academy to train to help the world in its future endeavours.
We are roommates and friends but our friendship will be tested as we make rivals, enemies and friends. Will we be heroes or villain?

Comment or note me if your interested