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I'm Asperger's,seeking respect.
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Artist // Hobbyist // Film & Animation
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'New' Arrow Blinking Blue Message [F2U]Arleen-Quinzel & Mrs-Ranma-Kuno My NEWS officials & RPG accounts on Batman The Animated Series and Ranma 1/2😉

My dear mother, also my BFF in reality is Fleur-de-Lotus-Bleu , she's so nice and adorable!💖👩‍👧

Alert Icon mid I'll also post many of MY edits and MY fan arts on each of my two RPG account okay?

My favourite OTP is the Ranma chan x Principal Kuno from Ranma 1/2 series, mostly the anime from 90's!

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I hate when everyone anoyed me.😩

I banish boring and that does not feel warm people who give me lessons or urge me to draw for them.And i hate when arrogants artists demean me for my drawings and for that I am: I am Asperger. I hate pedophiles, like M. Jackson, i hate this singer really!

And i hate perverts men who wants to tell me (i thinks it's because i've banned one of them named Z-image that i'm blocked from francophones1,a fangroup,because he mades photos with REALS NAKED WOMEN!I'm sorry but unlike drawing because it's just character on paper naked or not,real naked persons it's pervert!)

I blocks users who hates my arts, my opinions and spams with their comments! And who lied about me! Plus who harrasse me about my opinions, like that stupid Gilleberre44 : he following me for harrassing me with comments, what a dictator freak! He wants to contrling my opinions!😡

I always credit my friends when i post my requests and arts trades made by them.

Here the gallery in question. My requests.

No Point Commissions
Trades - Friends Only
Requests - Friends Only
It's really useless in 1st World countries.
[Stamp] The Favoritism is Real Here.
Miraculous Ladybug - Chloe Bourgeois Stamp
Chloe and Pollen Stamp
(Mario) The Music Box Stamp
OCs Stamp
Shipping Stamp
Powser/Bowser x Princess Peach
Charliedust Stamp
Anti Charlastor Stamp
Anti-Disney Stamp

My New account (Make February 24/02/2022)

My Ranma Universe (Make April 2/04/2022)

Red Alert

Just warning you! I don't drew and i don't made request for others with:

-Disney (excepted my favourites charas, Frozen and Pinocchio)

-My Little Poney🤮🤮🤮

-Fetishismes (WG,Giant excepted for sane fiction like Mario) and hard porn (BDSM,Scat,Violence etc..) , excepted soft bondages and punishment on my hated characters! (Akané from Ranma 1/2, Marinette from Miraculous Ladybug etc..)

-Cartoons for babies and children like Nickelodeon,Bob the Sponge

-Thomas and friends and others ugly stuffs!

-And characters plus pairing and crossovers that i hate! (Jesla,MarcusElsa,SpiderBug,and from universe i dislike!)

And requests plus gifts are only for my friends.

Toxic lesbian relatonship similarity

Since i watching again Batman licence, i want to saying that i'm not homophobic! I don't ship Harley Quinn x Poison Ivy, it's also toxic than Ranma x Akane ship! I prefer the couple Joker x Harley and Principal Kuno x Ranma! Here more things about why Poison Ivy is SO worse than Joker for me! (Mostly in Bruce Timm and Paul Dini's versions!)

Favourite Visual Artist
"Ranma 1/2" the anime version, my friends from
Favourite Movies
Many movies with Ralph Truman,"Oliver Twist" : movie from 1948 by David Lean and the 1982's adaptation cartoon by Burbank Films Australia
Favourite TV Shows
"Ranma 1/2"
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Variété de musiques des époques anciennes,OST de films et de jeux vidéos.
Favourite Books
Agata Christie's Poirot saga,"BGG" de Roald Dahl,"La Ligne Verte" de Stephen King
Favourite Writers
Rumiko Takahashi
Favourite Games
Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu & Evoli,Sims 3 & 4,Mario and Luigi's games ("Dream Team" saga,Mansion etc..)
Favourite Gaming Platform
Voici mon nouveau compte officiel sur l'émission de mon enfance, Les Minikeums!💖
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🛑RANTING! There is no more respect in this world! Voici un nouveau post où je pensais qu'une personne accepterait de me faire une requête sur Principal Kuno x Ranma. Mais il a refusé préférant le ship hyper-surcoté Ranma x Akane. Il n'approuve pas et j'ai vu qu'au lieu d'être objectif et de respecter mon choix il désapprouve que je sois une anti-Akané. Encore un fan aveugle de cette psychopathe qui ne s'excuse jamais devant Ranma lorsqu'elle a fait des erreurs ou lorsqu'elle le bat!😠 Moi qui pensais une fois encore trouver une bonne personne qui me ferait des requêtes... C'est raté! Belle journée ma foi!😟 Here's a new post where I thought someone would be willing to give me a request about Principal Kuno x Ranma. But he refused, preferring the hyper-overrated ship Ranma x Akane. He does not approve and I saw that instead of being objective and respecting my choice he disapproves of me being anti-Akane. Another blind fan of this psychopath who never apologizes to Ranma when she
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I've a new friend called @VixDojoFox who loves, hates and thinks the same things as me!
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J'ai parlé avec mon meilleur ami sur Twitter, par rapport aux personnes qui confondent la réalité et les fictions! (Dans les fictions : changer les personnages, leurs âges ; pensez-y, la série (en manga et animée) Ranma 1/2 qui maintenant a + de 30 ans d'existence! Cela ne dérange pas le créateur de changer les orientations des personnages, ni ma mère qui m'a toujours soutenue par rapport à mes perso préférés et à ma créativité!) Et il est d'accord avec moi: c'est un gamer comme moi aussi, il a joué à GTA et au grand jamais il ne reproduit la violence dans la réalité contrairement au jeu! Il faut vous réveiller les gens plutôt que de me spammer avec vos critiques inutiles et blessantes! Pareil, si je déteste les films de Disney, à part 3 films de la firme, vous ne m'obligerez pas à me faire aimer les autres films; pareil pour Miraculous qui m'a vraiment déçue! Déjà dans ma vie personnelle je me sens pas bien, mais si vous en rajoutez une couche rien que pour me bousiller ma santé
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Hi! PLZ block featherlyx he critized today my arts about Ranma Chan x Principal Kuno couple! I well exlained in my posts about my A.U. that Ranma chan is an adult and she's married with my favourite male character. But many of people buylling me about that! It's just fictions and not real life! Unlike Michael Jackson, a real person, who have rapped many children, but after his death , stupid fans are blinded and banalizing pedophilia! I HATE that singer so much! BURN TO HELL!
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😊 Bonsoir mes ami(e)s, j'ai demandé à ma mère si elle voulait rejoindre Deviantart afin de communiquer avec nous, et si elle voulait bien poster quelques uns de ses dessins, et elle a accepté. Soyez très respectueux envers elle s'il vous plait.☮ Son compte est @Fleur-de-Lotus-Bleu parce qu'elle aime une de ces fleurs.💙
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Your favourite hair color for Ranma? {In my A.U.}

36 votes
Red haired Ranma
Red haired Ranma
Blonde haired Ranma
Blonde haired Ranma
Blonde (I always love blondes girls in fictions)💖😍
Black haired Ranma
Black haired Ranma
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Mon nouveau compte RPG du dessin animé de 1992 BATMAN !💖
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I'm so happy to having friends accepted to making for me Ranma 1/2 requests for me! (Bases, Requests, Arts Trades..)💖💖🤗 Tags : @VixDojoFox , @LadyJunina , @Lawliette-chan , @monik13inu , @Missvale94 , @blackcassiope , @SlayerBases , @SailorFlower , @MoonNue , @StephenieMichaelis , @abdullah02016 , @SaturninaTheWitch , @Unlovedneko-chan94 , @McLissy , @Sofya85 , @harmonyguard , @Rukia-Blaze and @hannahtheanimequeen.💗
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Those months, i searching more Ranma 1/2 fans like me (news friends) for making AT + requests.🤜🏻🤛🏻 Mostly on my OTP with my two favourites characters Ranma (as an adult) and Principal Yasuhiro Kuno.
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