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I'm Asperger's,seeking respect.
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:rose: Here is a list of what I will draw/will not draw::rose: I WILL DRAW:   - Women (I am more comfortable at drawing women than men, but I can draw men) - Yuri and Yaoi - Anime and manga style - Realistic stuffs and portraits - Animals - Chibi - Erotic stuffs, I MEAN EROTIC, SOFT SEX, BUT NOT PORN !!! - Tattoos designs - Humanized Ponies - Cartoon Characters (in my style, don't ask me to mimic a style) - Disney Characters (in my style, don't ask me to mimic a style) - Soft fetishes (it will depends, as example  uniform fetish, feet fetish, navel fetish are okay, as long as you don't ask me to draw a ridiculous zoom on a character fe

So I just tried DeviantArt Eclipse...

So I just tried DeviantArt Eclipse...

As I had suspected, this update is absolutely terrible. If anyone didn't know, DeviantArt Eclipse is available for core members to beta-test. If you want to try it out yourself, then please visit this journal here --> BETA TEST: DeviantArt Eclipse Keep in mind that you have to check the box in your settings menu to allow beta-testing. Right, onto the criticism. 1) It is a complete rip-off of Art Station & Other Sites The screenshots above were taken by V0IDSPACER ( and even from a glance, it's clear that they look almost identical. I wasn't aware of this earlier, but apparently, DeviantArt has a track record of practically stealing fr


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My Bio

I hate when everyone anoyed me.

I banish boring and that does not feel warm people who give me lessons or urge me to draw for them.And i hate when arrogants artists demean me for my drawings and for that I am: I am Asperger.

And i hate perverts men who wants to tell me (i thinks it's because i've banned one of them named Z-image that i'm blocked from francophones1,a fangroup,because he mades photos with REALS NAKED WOMEN!I'm sorry but unlike drawing because it's just character on paper naked or not,real naked persons it's pervert!)

I blocks users who hates my arts and spams with their comments! And who lied about me!

FR : Connectée mais pas forcément disponible!

EN : Connected but not necessarily available!

Everything I love! (favourites differents characters)


My Tumblr

My Tumblr role playing is Adrian Andrews

I HATE the Winx Club!! XD

I support Penelope Pitstop X Sylvester Sneekly!

Favourite Visual Artist
Burbank Films Australia's cartoon style for "Oliver Twist", my friends from
Favourite Movies
Many movies with Ralph Truman,"Oliver Twist" : movie from 1948 by David Lean and the 1982's adaptation cartoon by Burbank Films Australia
Favourite TV Shows
Miraculous Ladybug
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Variété de musiques des époques anciennes,OST de films et de jeux vidéos.
Favourite Books
Agata Christie's Poirot saga,"BGG" de Roald Dahl,"La Ligne Verte" de Stephen King
Favourite Games
Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu & Evoli,Sims 3 & 4,Mario and Luigi's games ("Dream Team" saga,Mansion etc..)
Favourite Gaming Platform
Other Interests
My favourite canon character from ALL fiction is Monks from "Oliver Twist" in 1982's cartoon version.
My dears friends! There is just one remark that I wanted to say to the moderator of WELCOME-ARTIST group ! I am blamed yesterday for posting soft works of nude couples (erotic and sometimes censored to respect the law of the site) but when they ar
Just warning you! I don't drew and i don't made request for others with: -Disney (excepted Frozen) -My Little Poney -Fetishismes (WG,Giant excepted for sane fiction like Mario) and hard porn (BDSM,Scat,Violence etc..) -Cartoons for babies and chil

Enough of injustice! Marre de l'injustice!

Enough of injustice! Marre de l'injustice!

EN: Yesterday Aso-Designer accused me of playing with my feelings of disability (Yes I really am because I have had Asperger's since childhood) all because I mentioned two of her works on JohnV2004's profile and it didn't did not like! I did not do this out of pure cruelty, the drama !! As for me, I felt hurt! Hey, I want to tell Miss Aso-Designer that there are more serious things in life. What I'm looking for is friendship and to share passions with nice people! And you get indignant when I showed an example of art (I did it without any nastiness on top of that) to someone! And I'm not a liar, I never lie because I hate lies! I'm sorry, but in everyday life there are WORSE: l Covid-19, murders, wars, discrimination such as rascism, anti-Semitism, insults towards the physically or mentally disabled. Moreover, I'm sick of some betraying me, lying to me or turning their backs on me like Andromeda-Swan who did not finish my art trade for that she post others of her personal

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Oh sure,very interresting!

OK,but i'm not fan anymore of CT,sorry.

I see, thanks for replying anyway.

Thank you for the fave.

Dansu plz