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Map of Westeros, Essos, Sothoros v2.0

Updated version of a map I made earlier, incorporating all the new info on the eastern lands from the preview on the World of Ice and Fire. The Summer Islands are still speculative, though, but I like them the way they are. IP and Copyright for map and locations belongs to George R. R. Martin.
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Wow, this is an excellently done map!
awesome!!! I think I'll put it on my wall :D excellent work!
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FANTASTIC! Thanks very much for making this
Incredible map and detail. Beautiful.
Looks Great! Like a Tamriel Map, if you ever get around to inking these I would be interested.
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It was a pleasure to make. Glad you like it!
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Well done! Thank you! It was driving me crazy paging back and forth to the map chunks all the time.
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Well done!
Ah, I find it really confusing that Westeros looks like Britain... yet it must be much bigger.
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How long did this take you?
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About 30 hours I think all in all.
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That is pretty darned quick, especially for a map of that size.
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This is awesome, but I can't seem to load the image to download it at its maximum size. :(
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