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WWE Logo Fan Redesign - Brave

Hi. It's been a while I submitted anything drawn, so I'm posting pieces of logo design I made the past of couple months.


This is a redesign of the WWE logo I made back in March. It has been 14 years since World Wrestling Entertainment last changed their logo (counting both WWF and WWE variants as one) and I feel that they need a new look. So I went into Inkscape and made this beaut. The geometric look is a reference to the classic WWF logo and the bottom crescent is a callback to the "Scratch".

This version called "Brave New World" (darn dA character limits) is based some of the old WWF t-shirt I seen the fans and cameramen wear in old matches where the logo is just an cool shadowed golden outline. "Brave New World" would make a good slogan for the WWE, especially with the changing of the PPV's and NXT and so on.


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