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Celestia's Yearning pag 14 (English)

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Wow! Celestia looks kinda selfish here. She almost became just as bad as Sombra was.
She really needs to control herself. I'm really interested where this is going. Can't wait for the next set of chapters.
I really love the idea of a love triangle between Sombra,Celestia and Hope. :aww:
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AstroanimationsHobbyist General Artist
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That second panel makes me think of Yoda, somehow. :P
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AstroanimationsHobbyist General Artist
Hahahaha a laser horn
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paint the face green 
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So why would she have feels for a complete stranger. She isn't so dumb.
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he looks like AU sombra from the MLP comics 

yes love is that STUPID 
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'Tia! I am shocked that you would even seriously consider doing such thing. I expected better from you, young lady. Now I want you to sit out here in the cold all night and think about the choices you've made.
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Mm-mm! I think I know where they goin at. Looks like Sombra's gotta have hope..... and Trojan. X'D
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AstroanimationsHobbyist General Artist
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He'll never give up hope after tonight. Hehehe.... Ol black ***...... 
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Geez, Celestia looks like a freakin llama with that long neck of hers :XD:
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BB-KHobbyist Writer
That is harsh, consider she can feel both the jealousy and needing the good Sombra. But here's one big alarming note, that Sombra is not going to know you, Tia.
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Celestia, you showed restraint and for that we commend you. :D
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Wait, since we know the alternate Celestia turned good, and its a mirror universe, does that mean this Celestia is turning bad. We know alternate Luna turned evil when Nightmare Moon was blasted with the elements and redeemed.
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AstroanimationsHobbyist General Artist
Nop, because the other Sombra took all evilness
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Celestia, NO! He's not some replacement! He is NOT the Sombra you remember, so DON'T FORCE HIM TO BE. You can't force somebody to take the place of something you loved. Doing so just leads to abuse!
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AstroanimationsHobbyist General Artist
Yeah! You're right. But is hard see the same face, the same lips kissed by other mare.
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But that's the thing. They are NOT the same face and they are NOT the same lips.
It's like losing your husband or boyfriend, and then trying to make their identical twin replace them. Just because they look like the twin doesn't mean the ARE the twin.

If Celestia is going to continue to try and pursue Sombra like this, she needs to talk to somebody before one of these three get hurt.
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Celestia is going all Anakin Skywalker.
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Oh that is nice,really cool I guess she sealed her magic to not harm innocents.
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Aww, I was expecting a goku battle
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Nah. It's a luffy battle now....
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