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Stalwart Class - Ventral Plan

She's back, and in living color. The first of a series of plans to assemble into what I hope to be a completed set of this ship. Improvement have been made, redesigns of certain key areas, and of course, the format has changed to be a little more "official" as one of my good friends had put it.
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I've often considered the value of having an armored, Defiant-like hull-docked launch, but never for once actually considered just using the class itself.

I always thought it would be too large, but clearly it can be made to fit comfortably... if one can be confident of the actual dimensions of the mercurial thing. ;)
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If I am interpreting your statement correctly, to have a starship dock with another starship has been a curiosity, right?

The idea of using the Stalwart Class to house two Defiant Class ships kinda happened by accident. Dimensionally, it works and yes, the size of the saucer, while very large, is about the same as a Galaxy Class Saucer (difference being elliptical vs. circular). There isn't a whole lot of depth to the saucer but this ship, in general, is more of a support vessel, so expect shuttle bays, cargo storage, etc.

I have older versions of the ship's sectionals that detail how everything comes together...I'll have new ones up soon.
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Well, not a curiosity — I just never thought of utilizing an existing class like the Defiant in this fashion.... at least at this scale (the monstrous Colossus [link] was conceived around this sort of thing, after all).

Docking smaller ships into larger ones is something of a common feature in my designs, otherwise. :)
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