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For Michael Morones

Recently an 11 year old boy from North Carolina, Michael Morones, tried to take his own life after being bullied for being a fan of My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic. Thankfully he was stopped in time to save his life, but he has suffered severe brain damage as a result of the attempt.

In this time of need he needs support and his family is asking for donations for his medical expenses. If any of you could find it in your hearts to offer comforting words or to make a donation it would be greatly appreciated.

Michael, don't give up. Everyone here is cheering for you and wishing you a complete recovery. Our hearts go out to you and your family.

From Equestria Daily: <ins>…</ins>
Donations can be sent to this address:
His Facebook account: <ins>…</ins>
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Bullying is just horrible. In my own life, being a brony is just one of the things I am teased for. I doubt it was anywhere near as horrible as his, though. People so disgusting and cruel know no age...Sad Fluttershy  
My heart goes out to you, buddy. I'm so glad this awesome community of bronies and pegasisters is here for you.
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hope he is okay.......:( (Sad) 
this is why we should not bully but we should make friends instead
this is kinda strange because i was in a skit about anti bullying and how to respect others today......
Get well soonHug 
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My friend is STILL lecturing me about this.
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Poor kid :( I hope he gets better...

Screw bullies, and screw :iconinfamaty:, for hating him!
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What even happened to that kid. I read he went into a coma back in like January or some shit and never heard anything ever again. Not even an update on his condition. It's been months now, did the kid die, is he still in a coma, is he okay? 
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I haven't heard anything, to be honest. I've been away for a bit too, though.

All I can do from my end is hope for the best.
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Poor Michael.... :,(

I hope he's doing ok...

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Bullying is one of the most disgusting things that there is. Making yourself feel good or look good by trying to ruin someone else's life, even driving them to the point of doing something like this. 

I'm glad Michael's still alive, and I hope he recovers.

People have said a lot of things about the Brony community, some less flattering than others, but we come together when something like this happens. To remind a young boy that he's not alone, that no one is, and that we're all here praying for him.

As someone who has considered suicide on three separate occasions, I know what it's like to feel that kind of pain, like it'll never end and it feels like it's consuming you.

People say "Oh, 11's too young for someone to want to die." No age is too young or too old for that. Never ignore the warning signs when someone feels like their life isn't worth living.

Friendship helped me out of that time of darkness in my life, and I know it'll help Michael out as well. He has his family and thousands of people keeping him in their hearts and their minds.

My heart goes out to you, my fellow Brony. Those people who bullied you are cruel, single-minded, and hateful people. You're better than they'll ever be.

We're here for you, buddy. You've got your whole life ahead of you. I know it <3

/) (\
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I love this pic of Michael! He is an honorary brony! 
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I'm praying for you, Michael! I believe in you! We will support you all the way! 
God bless you, Michael!!! :)
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Today is the 1 month anniversary, 
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Is there any word on how the little guy is doing?
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He's doing well. Updates are at Hopefully the little guy will start responding. unlike IE. (buuuuuuurn)
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That's great to hear. (Also, I spat my drink out when I read the IE thing).
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My mom uses does my dad. And yet, they think it's 'decent'
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poor kid :( why are bullies so cruel?
This is very sweet. 
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It really is a shame that kids are getting bullied these days for such stupid things, like liking a certain TV show. And people are STILL saying mean things about him on forums and message boards. I just hope that the magic of our friendship can help him recover. Here's to hoping Michael gets better soon.
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I'm with an anti-bullying organization called the You Will Rise Project that encourages people to speak out against bullying through the arts. We are creating a page on our site to show support for Michael Morones and his family. Would you be willing to let us share this art piece on our page? We're just getting it set up, but here's a link to the page so you can learn more about what we're doing:… On the page, it has instructions for how to email us your work. If you're interested in sharing this with us, please send it to the email address listed. Thank you so much!
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That sounds like a great idea. I'll do just that.
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Poor little guy. My prayers go out to him and his family.
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I'm praying for him, and hoping for the best. Check my deviantart for a tribute picture, that's part joke, and part serious.
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