Through-a-Lens Feature Friday #60

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Welcome to the 60th issue!
I hope your week has been creative and lovely. 
Chipgon has joined the team and has assisted me in finding art for this feature!

Theme: Secrets

G Minor Window for You Cruel Looking No by jack106

Drink me, shrink me by Soten-Ni-Zase

selected by
Astrikos and Chipgon 

So Here We Stand... by FaMz

Little Secret by A2010L

Forgotten forest. by lostknightkg

Eden by lostknightkg

Hecate - Sea Sorcery by ahermin

The Prestige 2 by 4420

Shining Diamond Secret by ahermin

Top Secret by GawrilaGhul

The Secret . by ahermin

Secret castle by lostknightkg

In my secret life by atomictoy

-Secret forest energies- by Janek-Sedlar

secretly by fooyth

The Secret Door by Glitter4all

-Secret chamber- by Janek-Sedlar

Secret Window by lalyita

The secret palace by DianaCretu

Secrets by Nelleke

A Secret Life Of Ghost Trees.. by DavidCraigEllis

The secret path by LuizaLazar

Night Usurper by entropic-mysteries


Cathode by WintersRead

Twinkle by ChaseStarlit

Tracks by ChaseStarlit

Hallow by ChaseStarlit

Death by ChaseStarlit

Blizzard by ChaseStarlit

Soldier atop by BitterBeanJuicer

Tooth by ChaseStarlit

Rush by ChaseStarlit

Inner courtyard of the Belfry by PuzzledHeartBox

Resonate by Astrikos

Tulip by dandelgrosso

Flux by MilanNikolaPetrovic

Kandyan Firedance - 2 by InayatShah

Never Gonna Let You Go by InayatShah

Breaking Up A Fight by InayatShah

Children Of A Lesser God - III by InayatShah

Plant by tanikel

Helping Out by tanikel

Serenity by PontusEkeroth

Tent Pegging - 16 by InayatShah

Adrien of Sky Vola by Gwangelinhael

Foot Jam by danielsingzon

Prayer by tanikel

In a Faraway Land... by PixiePoxPhotography

Hell Snake Death by jack106

Let it go #2, shot at TTIP protest in Frankfurt by DetherionX

The Look by InayatShah

Skin by Astrikos

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Wow. Thank you for the feature.
Great collection of awesome work!